The List Volume LXXXVIII

By |July 19th, 2013|The List|

So, this one time I left my wallet in the back of a taxi. I had a near meltdown. But my friends reassured me that they’d heard lovely stories about people returning lost wallets or being able to track down their lost items after filing a report. Well, neither of those happy endings are a part of my story. My wallet was never to be seen again. Credit cards were canceled, sentimental items mourned, and fingers crossed someone in Guam hadn’t stolen my identity. After having toted my passport around for the past year without a single stamp earned (turns out leaving the borough doesn’t count), I decided it was probably a good time to replace my driver’s license. Should have been fairly straightforward, but that’s not really how my life goes… so yeah, that’s how I spent last week.

  1. People who complain about things, but don’t bother doing anything about them. Like, that 1am pizza? Not doing anything good for your thighs. Trust.
  2. Asking the male bathroom attendant for a tampon and then having to pay two dollars for it.
  3. Bed Bath and Beyond. If you didn’t have ADD before you got here, welcome. How else do you explain the potato masher and popsicle molds you definitely didn’t need?
  4. I finally figured out what PHD stands for: Pinnacle of Hell, Dude.
  5. Seeing an ex-boyfriend’s wedding photos on Facebook after another. bad. date.
  6. Herald Square.
  7. Herald Square in the rain. Crowds are bad. Crowds with umbrellas are what nightmares and video games are made of.
  8. Explaining something tedious very explicitly to someone knowing full well by his/her blank expression that you’re wasting your words.
  9. Walking outside only to feel as if your skin just melted off.
  10. When the outcome has become too predictable.

Hope your week was less obnoxious (and cooler) than mine.


The List Volume LXXXVII

By |May 17th, 2013|The List|

How much have you missed it?  Me too.  Let’s just cut to the chase and waste no further time getting to your favorite part of the week and mine, The List.

  1. This bipolar excuse for Spring.
  2. People who just stand casually in the middle of sidewalks (especially in large herds).  It’s called a sideWALK for a reason.  If it was meant for standing, it would be called a sideSTAND.
  3. Ryan Lochte.
  4. The iPhone text bubble.  Mostly because you can totally tell when someone is thinking about writing something, then erases it and starts over or just never writes anything at all (and vice versa).
  5. A bigger, better deal.
  1. Thunderstorms with the windows open.
  2. Rekindling old friendships.
  3. Morning walks and evening sunsets without any need for a jacket.
  4. Whispering Angel.
  5. A bigger, better deal

I promise not to stay away too long again.



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The List Volume 2/14

By |February 14th, 2013|The List|

valentines day flightWhen I took Smitty out this morning, my lobby quite literally had transformed into a florist.  There are a lot of very lucky and loved ladies in my building.  From balloons, to roses, to exotic blooms, they were all lined up at the concierge desk.  Now, seeing as I’m totally unattached this year, and last year’s Valentine’s Day was spent flying home from Los Angeles with my ex in the midst of a heated argument over the fact that he not so much as scribbled a note on a Post-It, one might think that I would be feeling a little bitter about the day of love… but I’m not.  And neither should you.  I’ve got ten (and counting) good reasons why not:

  1. It’s Thursday night and you can do whatever you want.
  2. No shower, no problem.
  3. No need to exhaust yourself over finding an awesome and appropriate gift.
  4. No need to feign excitement over a terribly lame gift.
  5. More time to spend with all of your other single friends.
  6. I can’t tell you the last time my legs have seen a razor.
  7. You can spend the day and evening spoiling yourself, whether it be an indulgent massage or hours of terrible TV.
  8. You definitely didn’t receive any baby’s breath in your bouquet.
  9. Perfect night to spot other singles out on the town.
  10. You know you didn’t settle in exchange for not spending the day alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beauties.



The List Volume LXXXVI

By |January 25th, 2013|The List|

the fluI knew I’d eventually be reminded what the perks of living on the West Coast were.  This week was that time.  With temperatures in the pre-teens and a beast of a flu running rampant, I started to reassess my living situation (don’t worry, it’ll only last a week or so– it’s the flu talking).  I’ve been radio silent for the last couple of days because I’ve basically only made it out of bed to let my dog out and make another NyQuil cocktail.  So, even though influenza has become the “trendy excuse” for a brush off, I’m not really blowing you off, I’m actually sick.

  1. new york snowHaving the flu and being stuck in bed with nothing to do.
  2. People bailing last minute on your birthday.
  3. Below freezing temperatures.  When I can feel the bones in my face freezing, it’s too cold.  Looks like Kanye found a cure.
  4. Public urination.  I’m not talking about bums or campfires.  I’m talking about the young lady in a sequin skirt who couldn’t hold it til she got home.
  5. People who think your dreams are crazy.
  1. sunny los angelesPeople who are crazy enough to believe in their dreams.
  2. Having the people who matter celebrate your birthday with you.
  3. An apple cutter/corer/wedger.  Seriously, never an excuse to not eat an apple a day with one of these guys (mine’s a turtle).
  4. Having a dog for a live-in feet warmer (especially when you’re sick).
  5. Having the flu and not needing to make any excuses for not getting out of bed.

How many calories do you think coughing burns?



The List Volume 2012

By |December 29th, 2012|The List|

new years 2013You know how at the end of the year we’re bombarded with all those obnoxious “best of’s” and “top moments of” countdowns?  Well, it’s your lucky day, ’cause I’ve gone ahead and jumped right onto that bandwagon and I’m about to give you my very own “Best of WhyDid 2012” countdown.  It’s always hard to pick your own favorites– not because I’m partial, but actually because I’m my own worst critic.  I’ve selected thirteen (to stay in theme with the upcoming year– I didn’t forget how to count) of my favorites and hopefully some of your favorites as well.  For those of you just now tuning in (shame on you), you’re welcome, here’re the highlights of what you missed and next time get here on time.  It’s rude to be tardy:

  1. Well, I started off the year on the right coast at least.
  2. You can take the girl out of the city… but… well, you know the rest.
  3. I found my new favorite photographer.
  4. You don’t need great buns for a top notch top knot (but I can get ya great buns too).
  5. Might not have been named the “color of the year” but my favorite beverage (and hue) finally got some airtime.
  6. Oh, but wait, I called it.
  7. “I knew I had fallen in love with Lolita forever; but I also knew she would not be forever Lolita.” Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita
  8. Wedge sneakers are stupid, okay?
  9. I’m sure Solange never saw this one coming…
  10. I fixed my eyebrows.  Everyone happy now?
  11. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Would you rather be a big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond?
  12. We tried to find a little bit of “truth” in advertising.
  13. And decided that it was finally time to start shining.

While not everything could make the list, it was good to revisit a few of my posts that I may need to print out and glue to my refrigerator as reminders.  What were your favorites?  What made your 2012?