top knot stylesThe last time a How To Tuesday video happened, we were learning how to get gorgeous curls without using a curling iron.  And, well, that was over a year ago.  Sure, sure, I’ve done some pictorial “how to” posts, but we all know that photos can’t even begin to capture my dance moves.  That’s why you watch my videos, isn’t it?  Oh.

Alas, the time has come to start up again with How To Tuesdays (woohoo!).  There wasn’t anything to vote on, so I went with a “how to” that leads a lot of Google searches to WhyDid.  That would be the oh so chic, the perfect for a horrible hair day, top knot bun.  It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of this hairstyle… I even did a top notch top knot tutorial, but figured a video was sure to “top” simple pictures.

So, let’s get back to voting on next week’s “How To.”  What would you like to learn?