I’ve never met a romper I didn’t like.  When I encounter people who don’t “understand” the romper, I must immediately walk away.  As much as I love clothes though, the first thing I do when I get home is strip down and put on something comfy.  While I’d gladly spend all my free time in my knickers, there’s an off chance I ordered pizza and need to answer the door.  Or perhaps I need to run out for another bottle of pinot.  This presents a problem for a girl in her skivvies.  Luckily, there is no problem too large for WhyDid.  The happy medium between bare flesh and camera ready?  Loungewear.

To amp up sales in the lingerie department at Bendels (you can only sell so many strapless bras) we started incorporating some “crossover” pieces much to the chagrin of the contemporary buyer (sorry!).  One must get crafty in order to maintain sales goals, my friends.  Luckily, lingerie brands caught onto the trend of wearing your underwear as outerwear and produced pieces that would fool even the most prude princess.  (As a side note, these pieces are typically cheaper than the contemporary counterparts- bonus!).

1. Skin Cotton Gauze T-Shirt, $105, 2. Undrest Classic Foldover Tap Pant, $33, 3. Only Hearts Venice Teddy, $92, 4. Kiki de Montparnasse Garter Tank, $150, 5. Julianne Maria Shorts, $64, 6. Dessous by Sophie Simmons Ludvine Tunic, $136, 7. And Cake Gold Necklace Ribbed Tank, $60, 8. VPL Deltoid Undi, $87, 9. Eberjey India Jersey Lace Cami and Shortie Set, $103, 10. Matters of Leisure Townhouse Robe, $225

When in doubt, keep a cute robe handy.  My girlfriends probably couldn’t count the number of times I answered the door for them in my pretty pink cashmere robe.  (I never could seem to be ready on time).  So dress down with your bad self.



Photos courtesy of HerbalTeaNYC