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WhyDid’s Words: Happily in Your Head

“You see,” she said, “the problem with being a hopeless romantic with an active imagination is that you turn everyone into a storybook character. That asshole with reckless tendencies who keeps you on the hook? […]

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WhyDid’s Words: Wear Your Wounds

“I’m ok,” I said, brushing back a loose curl.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m totally fine,” forcing a smile to show just how “fine” I was.

He looked back for only a second, unconvinced, as he went through the […]

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WhyDid’s Week, April 2

You’re much more interesting when you’re gone.
A melody remembered,
A distant song.
He said, “Inspire me.”
She asked, “How?”
She left without an answer
And he’s left wondering, “Where are you now?”

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WhyDid’s Week, March 26

The further I get
The stranger it seems
I once was unable
To escape you in my dreams.
The more time that passes,
The longer I go
How strange it seems
You’re someone I know.

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WhyDid Words: Fear and Loathing…

“Did you know it is New York state law that you can’t buy alcohol before 8am?”

“It makes me sad that we are even trying to buy wine before noon.”

Kate laughs.  Her long white blonde hair […]

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WhyDid’s Week, March 19

For something to change, something has to change.