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Setting the Mood: P.S. i love you

it’s just my love letter to the world.

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WhyDid’s Week, January 15

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Why Did You Wear That: When Life Hands You Lemons…

It’s no secret that I work from home.  And while most of my photos portray me as pulled together, a majority of the time, I’m either barely clothed or clothed in a manner not suitable […]

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WhyDid Wisdom: Brand Identity, or Lack Thereof

I spent most of yesterday asleep on my couch.  My sleep patterns have been less than stellar as of late.  Maybe I’m not used to having an actual bedroom to sleep in.  Maybe I’m not […]

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WhyDid Wisdom: Moving On

In the last decade, I have lived in ten apartments and homes, moving a grand total of eleven times.  Until recently, I hadn’t lived in a place for longer than a year.  Usually, not even […]

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Why Did You Wear That: Patent Pending

Never did I ever think I’d see the day I’d be sliding myself into a pair of patent leather pants, let alone the matching patent leather bralette.  But the moment I did, I felt like […]