Would You Wednesday: Need a Lift?

 ash wedge cool sneakersAsh Cool Wedge Sneakers, $235 (the black and white seem to be sold out everywhere)

Remember when I blogged about the ever growing trend of celebrities sporting sneakers?  Well, I went ahead and took my own advice and got myself some kick ass kicks.  I mean, it’s very rare that we, ladies, win out.  Something that is in style as well as comfortable?  Yes, please!  I like the look of super casual sneakers with an ultra feminine frock or short shorts.  (I love contradictions, remember?).

So, I got a pair of these Ash wedge sneakers, but have yet to take them on their maiden voyage .  I can’t decide if I love them or loathe them.  From the front, I adore them… but then I turn to the side… ash cool wedge sneakersand I kind of abhor them.

The wedge makes me feel like I’m wearing lifts in my shoes… kinda like Tom Cruise.  I’m just wondering: does the wedge make a shoe that should be so nonchalant look altogether fussy?  Shall we just stick to good ol’ fashion flat sneakers, like my Reebok Dibellos?  They have been cool for the past 125 years, afterall.  To me, putting a wedge in an athletic shoe is kind of like pretending Drake never played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi.  But that’s just me.  Thoughts?

Play ball!




1 Comment on Would You Wednesday: Need a Lift?

  1. Tha
    December 1, 2012 at 1:22 pm (3 years ago)

    I adore them wedge sneakers so much and honestly, if next week the whole world start setting theirs on fire, I will protect mine with all my power… I’ve always been kind of a tomboy but right now, I’m loving to wear more feminine outfits so when these freaks of nature came out, it was love at first sight. I am very particular about the sneaks I choose, though and so far, the nicest ones I’ve seen out there are the Ash ones. I do own 2 pairs of Steve Madden Hilights and love those too, but still prefer Ash. I think your outfit is adorable, cute pink short shorts and Ash sneaks. Loved it and you should definitely flaunt them as soon as weather permits. I wear mine everyday with tight skinny jeans, black leggings and oversized chunky sweaters. My favorite outfit for the fall/winter.

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