valentines day flightWhen I took Smitty out this morning, my lobby quite literally had transformed into a florist.  There are a lot of very lucky and loved ladies in my building.  From balloons, to roses, to exotic blooms, they were all lined up at the concierge desk.  Now, seeing as I’m totally unattached this year, and last year’s Valentine’s Day was spent flying home from Los Angeles with my ex in the midst of a heated argument over the fact that he not so much as scribbled a note on a Post-It, one might think that I would be feeling a little bitter about the day of love… but I’m not.  And neither should you.  I’ve got ten (and counting) good reasons why not:

  1. It’s Thursday night and you can do whatever you want.
  2. No shower, no problem.
  3. No need to exhaust yourself over finding an awesome and appropriate gift.
  4. No need to feign excitement over a terribly lame gift.
  5. More time to spend with all of your other single friends.
  6. I can’t tell you the last time my legs have seen a razor.
  7. You can spend the day and evening spoiling yourself, whether it be an indulgent massage or hours of terrible TV.
  8. You definitely didn’t receive any baby’s breath in your bouquet.
  9. Perfect night to spot other singles out on the town.
  10. You know you didn’t settle in exchange for not spending the day alone.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beauties.