Friday Frocks: Garden Party

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alice in wonderland tea party

I don’t care what that little groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, said.  It feels like spring outside and I’m ready to throw one heck of a garden party.  Should your teacup be full of tea or champagne… it doesn’t really matter.  Find your most floral frock and accessorize with the most gigantic hat your pretty little head can hold up and a pair of chunky heels (so as to avoid sinking into the sod).  Grab your girlfriends for a day of gabbing and grubbing… just don’t fall down the rabbit hole.

garden party dresses1. Nasty Gal Simone Floral Dress, $58 , 2. Elizabeth and James Kingston Dress, $395, 3. Juicy Couture Printed Silk Crepe Dress, $300, 4. Zimmerman Floral Print Cotton Wrap Dress, $300, 5. Joseph Blush Hand Painted Floral Dress, $665, 6. girl. by Band of Outsiders Printed Silk Dress, $440, 7. BCBGeneration Floral Ruffle Sleeve Dress, $88, 8. Milly Floral Print Silk Dress, $385, 9. Billabong Love Bucket Floral Dress, $54.50, 10. Aqua Wild Flower Dress, $108

I’m late for a very important date.




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Gift Guide: My Fair Maidens

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Some day you may meet a handsome, kind gentleman who will ask for your hand in marriage.  And while you may think that meeting the man of your dreams was the hardest part, buckle up baby- wedding planning is a whole new kind of stressful.

One of the easiest parts should be asking your best pals to stand by your side during your special day… but well, sometimes that part is difficult too.  Anyway, once you’ve decided who, you should decide how?  You can’t just text your friends to pop the question, afterall.  I’ve had friends send scavenger hunts, and awful dresses to be photographed in.  Brides to be are getting more and more creative in their “Will you?” presentations.

One of my favorite approaches is a gift bag chocked full of bridesmaid essentials.  Be sure to show them how much they really mean to you by putting together a gift bag with special items that may come in handy either during or before your impending nuptials.  Perhaps if your wedding is that of the destination type or even a “surprise” destination, use this as an opportunity to provide clues.  While you may be thinking, “Gosh, this is pricey,” don’t forget how much money your best gal pals will have to dish out for showers, and bachelorette parties, and dresses, oh my!  You’ve been a bridesmaid a time or two… remember?

All the essentials (similar to what is shown above):

Going to the chapel…


Would You Wednesday: Bewitching Bride

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This bridal market, dress designers shocked us all by showing wedding dresses in one of the most unexpected of shades.  While we’ve been seeing dresses from seasons past in muted shades of pink, blush, lavender, and even grey, some bridal designers really took the plunge by showing gowns in the inkiest of blacks.  Gasp.  Vera Wang was one who really switched to the dark side by showing nine … count ’em, nine black wedding gowns.  Her collection was fittingly named Witchcraft… and well, I kind of love it.  Behold:

Pretty glorious, right?  Black isn’t often associated with wedding gowns, but if you think about it, it seems a whole lot more practical (not to mention figure forgiving).  Have you ever seen the bottom of a wedding dress by the end of a wedding reception?  Yuck.  Can’t lie, if I didn’t have a dress already, these bewitching creations might even sway me over to the dark side… much to the chagrin of my mother, of course.




Photos via Wedding Chicks

The List Volume LV

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 I always get a kick out of checking my Google Analytics to see what people are searching.  Some of you are real freaks.  Then again… I’m the one with the blog that people Googling land on.  That’s neither here nor there.  So, what were you fine folks Googling this week? Let’s have a look.

  1. Slutty Halloween costumes (specifically slutty Tinkerbell and slutty schoolgirl).
  2. Motorcycle hand signals. 
  3. Anal bleaching (in several variations of the words).
  4. Black and white engagement rings.  FYI- Wedding Chicks just did an awesome piece on these. 
  5. Fishtail braid, Blake Lively mermaid braid, Serena fish braid.
  6. Ombre hair.
  7. Hedgehog bites, hedgehogs, hedgehog saying you’re stupid.
  8. Cute ways to curl your hair for a date.
  9. Rainboots, Hunter rainboots, Burberry rainboots, celebrities in rainboots.
  10. Cameltoe
You guys need to get hobbies…