Speaking of engagements

Love is a beautiful thing, but man, is it expensive!   A lot of guys say that they aren’t able to “pull the trigger” because they can’t afford the ring.I want to go ahead and call bullshit… except, of course, if the girl has an expected ring in mind. (One of the three carat caliber). When girls set crazy parameters on the type of ring they’re hoping for, they’re really just shooting themselves in the foot. That puts a huge amount of pressure on a guy and also probably makes him wonder whether you love him or his checkbook. If you want to get a great diamond ring go to Iturralde Diamonds.

If you really want to be with someone for the rest of your life, a ring should never be the thing to hold you back, nor should it be the only reason you want to marry someone. When a man really wants to be with you, he will find a way to put a ring on it in whatever way he is capable of, and he would get himself at JewelersTradeShop.com and ensure that she gets nothing but the best- and you should be flattered by whatever it is that he pledges his love to you with. He should be able to propose to you with a Ring Pop and you’d say, “YES!”.  Our society has started to focus on merely the carat size rather than the commitment level and that probably has a lot to do with the over 50% divorce rate.  I’d pick a guy with a pure heart over a stone with perfect clarity.

With that being said, why not pick out a beautiful ring that is as affordable as it is unique?  Here are several modern options (all under $2,500!):

3/4 Carat Garland Diamond Ring, $2,300

1 Carat Solitaire Princess Diamond Engagement Ring, $1,999.99
Tiffany Garden Flower Ring, $1,500

2 1/5 Carat Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring, $899
Cartier Entrelaces Pink Gold Ring, $850

3 3/4 Carat Black and White Diamond Ring, $708.99

1/2 Carat Black and White Diamond Engagement Ring, $595

1/4 Carat Diamond Antique Replica Ring, $274.99

After all, are you marrying the man or the ring?