baby-hedgehog-3At some point in everyone’s life, one decides he/she needs a hedgehog. Last Wednesday was that day for me.

I know, I know. You’re really wondering how on earth I came upon this totally well adjusted idea. Well, that stupid Baskin Robbins commercial with the porcupine reminded me of a dear friend so I proceeded to YouTube it. As  you may or may not know, YouTube then bombards you with other videos that might interest you. I was sucked into a blackhole of cuteness. After about twenty minutes (read 2.5 hours) of browsing my quilled friends, I realized that hedgehogs rather than porcupines were, in fact, my new animal crush.

Had I known of a pet store that readily stocked hedgehogs, I would have had one that afternoon. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the pet stores I know of in New York only supply over priced puppies from puppy mills and the designer clothing they wear. Damn. So, I did what any other normal person would do. Googled images of hedgehogs until my heart nearly exploded with sheer joy. Visit us for the best cat doors at a glance.

While perusing photos of these sweet little rodents, I stumbled upon some Wiki answers and was intrigued. After some research, I found out that hedgehogs are “biters.” Perfect. I read the “step by step” directions as to what to do when your “hedgie” bites you. While the articles suggested that a hedgehog bite is no more painful than that of a hamster, I decided that perhaps I should reconsider my desire for a pet hedgehog.


The moral of my story? It is important to do your homework. Had I not done a little digging, I would currently be sitting here trying to post a Craigslist ad for a “free hedgie” but unable to type because my fingers would be bandaged due to my bite wounds. Whether it be a new car, career, boyfriend, beauty product, or pet, it is wise to do a little background check before delving into the unknown. I’m all for spontaneity and living by the seat of your pants, but a little knowledge never hurt anyone (which is more than I can say for hedgehogs).