Smart Is the New Pretty: Until Then

By |May 2nd, 2012|Smart Is the New Pretty|

taking a napSo sorry.  Took a little nap yesterday.  Okay, maybe just a drive down south to Boca.  Either way, it did inhibit my blogging capabilities.  The iPhone can do a lot of things, but posting on WordPress via my phone, is a bit tricky.  Luckily, I’m here to catch you up on the latest and greatest in what’s happening in the world outside of your cubicle.

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The List Volume LXVIII

By |April 6th, 2012|The List|

katy perry leggings cameltoeIt’s no secret that I love checking the crazy things people Google to find WhyDid.  Sometimes they are just simple things like “what to wear to Soho House” or “what to wear to the airport.”  Other times, the topics are a bit more obscure like “hardest nipples in Hollywood” and I have to stop to ask, “You touch your mother with those fingers?”  This week was no different.  As per usual, cameltoe tops the list and you guys really, really love Katy Perry.  Well, I’m here to do what I do best and that is give the people what they want!!  Here’s ten of this week’s more Googled topics:

  1. Can I wear black to a garden wedding.  I mean, you can.  But do you really want to be that morbid girl wearing black at such a joyous event?  Try these for guidelines instead.
  2. White girl weave.  Not only have I worn one, I’ve expressed my great love for them.
  3. Gladstones MalibuLove, love, love this place.  And yes, yes I did go there when in LA a couple of months ago.  bloody mary gladstones
  4. Kirsten Smith Maxim.  As it turns out, I might have made an appearance.  If you can find it, congratulations.  You’ve got too much time on your hands.
  5. How to do a top knot.  I love a good top knot.  Here’s a step by step tutorial… but I think I’m going to have to make a video soon.top knot
  6. Celebrities wearing sneakers.  Everyone from Ann Hathaway to Alessandra Ambrosio was seen sporting stylish sneaks.
  7. Kerastase Cristalliste.  There has been so much interest in this line.  Stay tuned for a veeeery exciting contest…
  8. Girl wearing glasses.  I guess people really dig girls who wear glasses.  Just please don’t be one of those people who wears fake ones… girl wearing glasses
  9. Chalking hair.  Did a little tutorial on that.  I might add spraying hair with hairspray to set color as well. chalk hair
  10. Explanation why you stupid.  I got nothing.

The search continues.



Smart Is the New Pretty: Where Did the Internet Go?

By |January 18th, 2012|Smart Is the New Pretty, WhyDid Wisdom|

You may be thinking to yourself, “What the heck is going on with the internet today?  It’s different.  It’s weird.”  Well, there’s good reason for that.  Many websites are going “black” in protest of SOPA.  WTF is SOPA, you ask?



The List Volume LV

By |October 7th, 2011|The List|

 I always get a kick out of checking my Google Analytics to see what people are searching.  Some of you are real freaks.  Then again… I’m the one with the blog that people Googling land on.  That’s neither here nor there.  So, what were you fine folks Googling this week? Let’s have a look.

  1. Slutty Halloween costumes (specifically slutty Tinkerbell and slutty schoolgirl).
  2. Motorcycle hand signals. 
  3. Anal bleaching (in several variations of the words).
  4. Black and white engagement rings.  FYI- Wedding Chicks just did an awesome piece on these. 
  5. Fishtail braid, Blake Lively mermaid braid, Serena fish braid.
  6. Ombre hair.
  7. Hedgehog bites, hedgehogs, hedgehog saying you’re stupid.
  8. Cute ways to curl your hair for a date.
  9. Rainboots, Hunter rainboots, Burberry rainboots, celebrities in rainboots.
  10. Cameltoe
You guys need to get hobbies…




Why Did You Date Him: A Case of the Ex

By |January 27th, 2011|Why Did You Date Him?, WhyDid Wisdom|

The other day I had to pull an intervention on a girlfriend who was being completely crazy and masochistic.  Though I love her dearly, I had to save her from herself.  What was her problem?  She was obsessing over an ex… The real problem? It wasn’t her ex.  It was her boyfriend’s ex.

For some reason girls love to know about their boyfriend’s exes.  I can not explain this.  I think we want to find out why it didn’t work and obviously compare what an “upgrade” we are to his old flame.  While a little curiosity may not kill you, if you let the need for knowledge get out of hand, you will drive yourself bat shit crazy.  Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and the good ol’ Google, you can do quite a bit of reconnaissance work.

However, be careful how deep you dare to dig because once you see some things, you will never be able to erase them from your brain.  In all honesty, yes, he did have a life before you.  Yes, he has had other girlfriends.  And yes, he did most likely care about them at some point in the previous relationship.  Also, don’t forget that you have a past too.  I doubt your boo wants to think about all of the boys before him and I doubt you’d want him to.

I had a guy friend once tell me that his girlfriend brought up his ex so much that he had now thought about his ex MORE in his CURRENT relationship than he did when he was dating her.  How crazy is that?  You said you’d never have a threesome… yet it looks like his ex will be joining you every night in bed.

As if orchestrated by the heavens, I read a quote yesterday that perfectly summarized all of this:

If it happened before you, then it really doesn’t concern you. Don’t let an ugly past ruin a beautiful future. – Rob Hill Sr.

The point is, his ex is just that- his ex.  If he loved her and wanted to be with her, he would.  Do not get so caught up in the past that you completely destroy any chance of a future.  You, my girl, are smart, beautiful, and wonderful and that’s why your boyfriend is with you.  He’s not the one who can’t get over his ex… you are.

Get over it.