Smart is the New Pretty: For the Dogs

By |July 9th, 2014|Smart Is the New Pretty, WhyDid Wisdom|

ocean dogWe take special care to ensure that we don’t scorch our skin in the sun by slathering on SPF.  We tote around jugs of water to prevent dehydration in the midst of inclement climates, but what about our ever loyal, very hairy best pals?  They come along for the ride because isn’t that better than being stuck at home in the a/c?  Maybe not if you aren’t just as steadfast in planning for your pooch as you are for yourself.  Here are a few summer safety tips to keep your best friend frisky:

dog at the beach



Smart Is the New Pretty: Pitch In

By |June 13th, 2014|Smart Is the New Pretty|

beach babesSummer weekends are meant for bikinis, barbecues, and making new friends.  Last weekend while we all chipped in to chop vegetables, pureé rotting mangoes, and grill up scallops (in our bikinis), I smiled to myself thinking how much fun I was having and how thankful I was to be surrounded by a group of lovely humans who were not only unafraid to get their hands dirty, but were also smart, funny, and interesting.  (I was also thankful we actually made it safely out east after our non-teen driver texted away).  Ugh.  Who wants to be the pouty girl in the corner who doesn’t dare lift a finger so as to not chip her manicure?  Not you.  So, if you aren’t that awesome in the kitchen, volunteer to craft up a clever cocktail (have you heard of the “Phrostie”?) and be sure to have something worthwhile to talk about.

So, enjoy the weekend, but always be an asset- not a liability.  Otherwise, this might be your last invitation to dinner.



Smart Is the New Pretty: Shut. It. Down.

By |October 2nd, 2013|Smart Is the New Pretty|

On the second day of October, we also find ourselves on the second day of the government shutdown.  I can’t take full credit, but I do hold myself slightly accountable as I haven’t been keeping up with keeping you up to date.  Therefore, I’m reinstating “Smart Is the New Pretty” effective immediately.  Heaven knows it doesn’t matter how great you look if you can’t keep up an intelligent conversation and it would appear that our country is all kinds of out of whack.

Do me a favor and don’t shut down your brain just because our politicians have decided to shut it down.



Smart Is the New Pretty: If You Kan’t Beat ‘Em…

By |June 18th, 2013|Smart Is the New Pretty|

We started the week off with Miss USA proving that smart truly is the new pretty.  Miss Utah thinks we need to “create education better” and proved her own point with her answer to the question about equal pay (in case you missed it, watch the awkwardness ensue here).  You know I make it a point not to post about Kim but…

K, kalling it a night, kiddos.  Kongrats, Kim & Kanye!



Smart is the New Pretty: Sharing is Caring

By |April 15th, 2013|Smart Is the New Pretty|

I realize you consider yourself a bit of an “environmentalist” by not actually having a newspaper delivered, so I’ve gone ahead and collected some headlines to make you sound like that might actually be true rather than a cop out as to why you have no clue.

So carry on with your Monday and thanks for recycling.