The List Volume LV

By |October 7th, 2011|The List|

 I always get a kick out of checking my Google Analytics to see what people are searching.  Some of you are real freaks.  Then again… I’m the one with the blog that people Googling land on.  That’s neither here nor there.  So, what were you fine folks Googling this week? Let’s have a look.

  1. Slutty Halloween costumes (specifically slutty Tinkerbell and slutty schoolgirl).
  2. Motorcycle hand signals. 
  3. Anal bleaching (in several variations of the words).
  4. Black and white engagement rings.  FYI- Wedding Chicks just did an awesome piece on these. 
  5. Fishtail braid, Blake Lively mermaid braid, Serena fish braid.
  6. Ombre hair.
  7. Hedgehog bites, hedgehogs, hedgehog saying you’re stupid.
  8. Cute ways to curl your hair for a date.
  9. Rainboots, Hunter rainboots, Burberry rainboots, celebrities in rainboots.
  10. Cameltoe
You guys need to get hobbies…




Why Did You Wear That: Candy Coated Rain Drops

By |March 22nd, 2011|Why Did You Wear That?|

I get that everyone is itching for spring to show up.  And fast.  However, it seems that some of you have forgotten that little grade school ditty, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Ah, yes, we have an entire month more of moody weather before the clouds part and the birds chirp.  Seeing as I spent the last 5 years in New York City, I know a thing or two about navigating Mother Nature’s temperamental tendencies.  Having a few simple things in your arsenal can help take a rainy day from miserable to manageable.

  1. Rain repellent coat: It’s tricky to find a coat that is 1. warm, 2. cute, 3. water resistant, but I think I’ve found the answer here, Burberry Zip Front Field Jacket with Detachable Hood, $695
  2. Scarf: You don’t necessarily need a scarf, but I like one to keep any stray rain drops from making themselves at home inside my coat.  Also, in seriously inclement weather, it can double as a guard for your tediously blown out tresses, Love Quotes Hand Knotted Tassel Scarf, $88
  3. Rainboots: I’ve mentioned before that I worked in offices full of girls in wellies.  However, at times, the rain is only here for a short while.  Then you’re stuck all day looking like a jerk in giant rubber boots.  I love these because they actually double as pretty cute combat boots, Hunter Bixen Rainboots, $150
  4. Rain repellent tote: Your bag will get wet.  It just will.  No use drenching your Balenciaga.  Swap out your everyday bag for a waterproof tote to keep it and its contents safe from the storm, Matt and Nat Zocalo Tote, $175
  5. Sturdy and portable umbrella: Emphasis on sturdy.  I have had way too many dinky umbrellas blow inside out on me to trust a $5 ‘brella off the street.  At the same time, I have no interest in toting around a walking stick size umbrella either,  Windpro Auto Umbrella, $24.85
  6. Anti Frizz product: The cherry on top with bad weather is the havoc it wreaks on our follicles.  Might as well protect your hair from the humidity ahead of time, Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, $22

Come again another day!



Photo via Guardian

Why Did You Wear That: High and Dry

By |December 9th, 2009|Why Did You Wear That?|

Since it’s a miserable rainy day in New York today, I thought I’d dedicate this one to celebs and their rain boots.  Perhaps you don’t feel your chicest when strapping on your wellies, but after seeing some seriously stylish ladies parading around in theirs maybe you’ll change your mind. Hey, better than destroying your new suede OTK boots.


I believe Kate Moss was the first to make rain boots chic. Because that’s what Kate Moss does.


Gwyneth Paltrow in some serious lace up rain boots.

EXCLUSIVE: Hilary Duff Loves Vancouver! (And her mom!)

Hilary Duff with mom in Burberry rain boots.


Sarah Michelle Gellar in Hunter boots.


Nicole Richie in Hunter boots.


Ashley Olsen in Jimmy Choo for Hunter rain boots. (Does she know it’s kind of an oxymoron to be wearing sunglasses at the same time as rainboots?)

Last spring I wrote a little ditty on the Do’s and Don’ts of rainboots. Please review and stay dry!



Why Did You Wear That: Rain, Rain, Go Away

By |April 6th, 2009|Why Did You Wear That?|


If I were to go around my office today and photograph all of the women and what they are wearing today, you would see that about 98% of them are wearing some form of “rain boots.” (The other 2% don’t watch New York 1).  It took me two years of living in New York before I purchased a pair of Hunter wellies.  Clearly, I enjoyed destroying my shoes and having nasty city water soaking into my socks.  Now, keep in mind, I work in a very “stylish” fashion office, so these aren’t crunchy granola girls whose typical dry weather shoes would be Uggs.

Other than just keeping your feet dry and not ruining your shoes, rainboots also have a way of making your legs look thinner (they are bulky- therefore balancing out the thigh).  Added bonus, these suckers are pretty heavy and they give your legs a real workout when worn all day. Still not convinced?  Here are some cute styles that may make you reconsider:


Hunter Wellington Rain Boot, $155

burberry1Burberry Check Rain Boot, $195



Emilio Pucci Rain Boots, $175


J. Crew Printed Critter Wellies, $49.50


Zulimas Bias Plaid Rain Boots, $24.99

P.S. Rainboots are to be worn over your pants.  Tuck your pant legs in. That is the whole point. I saw a women with her rainboots under her dress pants this morning. Clearly missing the entire point of rain boots. Good luck with your soggy hems, lady!