If I were to go around my office today and photograph all of the women and what they are wearing today, you would see that about 98% of them are wearing some form of “rain boots.” (The other 2% don’t watch New York 1).  It took me two years of living in New York before I purchased a pair of Hunter wellies.  Clearly, I enjoyed destroying my shoes and having nasty city water soaking into my socks.  Now, keep in mind, I work in a very “stylish” fashion office, so these aren’t crunchy granola girls whose typical dry weather shoes would be Uggs.

Other than just keeping your feet dry and not ruining your shoes, rainboots also have a way of making your legs look thinner (they are bulky- therefore balancing out the thigh).  Added bonus, these suckers are pretty heavy and they give your legs a real workout when worn all day. Still not convinced?  Here are some cute styles that may make you reconsider:


Hunter Wellington Rain Boot, $155

burberry1Burberry Check Rain Boot, $195



Emilio Pucci Rain Boots, $175


J. Crew Printed Critter Wellies, $49.50


Zulimas Bias Plaid Rain Boots, $24.99

P.S. Rainboots are to be worn over your pants.  Tuck your pant legs in. That is the whole point. I saw a women with her rainboots under her dress pants this morning. Clearly missing the entire point of rain boots. Good luck with your soggy hems, lady!