Why Did You Wear That: Happily Overall

kirsten smith overalls whydidWith the return of 90′s trends, it’s felt like a reliving of my youth- not that it was that long ago or anything.  Much like mementos from first loves or pictures from the past, I have a hard time letting go of some of my clothing- in part because I know it’s going to become relevant again and also because it reminds me of particular periods of my life.  Seriously, you should see the closets at my mom’s house.  Hello, 90210.  One article of clothing I wish I’d hung onto were my overalls.  However, I was so happy at the time the trend was over that they were sent straight to Goodwill much like my Kriss Kross cassette was shuttled down the garbage shoot.

So, when these denim onesies made a surprising return (okay, not surprising since I predicted it), I was left looking for an adult pair.  Unlike other fillers (cantaloupe, carnations, baby’s breath, Juvederm, etc.), closet fillers are for trends that you like, but recognize for exactly what they are: trends.  There’s no use dropping two hundred dollars on a pair of destroyed dungarees when you know very well you won’t be wearing them next summer.  We all know summer is meant for flings anyway.  Therefore, I headed to everyone’s favorite “fast fashion” establishment, Forever 21 and scored a pair that I have no buyer’s remorse about.  (And paired them with a crop top, of course). overalls kirsten smith whydid

dog in the park nyc

kirsten smith overalls nyc

overalls nyc

kirsten smith why did overallsTop: similar by Alice & Olivia, Overalls: Forever 21, Shoes: similar by Steve Madden, Bag: French Connection, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Lips: , Dog: Smitty



Photos by Michael Stiegler

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Why Did You Wear That: Smitty Did it

kirsten smithIf you’ve been reading for a while (even only a little while), you are probably well aware that the main man in my life is and always will be an eight pound Maltipoo by the name of Smitty.  What you may not know is that his namesake is my father and the reasoning behind that is because they were coincidentally born on the very same day, September 22nd.  At some point in my early collegiate years, my mom passed down a vintage t-shirt that she’d owned emblazoned with the phrase, “Smitty did it.”  Since my last name is, of course, Smith, I had taken it and worn it without really giving it much thought.  Then I gave it some thought… and realized how inappropriate the interpretation of this shirt could be.  Almost as awkward as the time my mom tried to hand off her keychain that says, “I love Dick,” which she carried for years without ever realizing that most people weren’t privy to the fact that her husband’s name was Dick and she wasn’t some kind of overly amorous individual.

I held onto the shirt and it became relevant again once this pound and a half of puppy entered my life.  No longer indicative of anything other than the fact that my dog probably did it.  I didn’t actually realize what a family affair this outfit was until I started listing the pieces individually below.  The only member I’m missing something from is my eldest brother, Adam, but I’ve already sported his gear (thanks, big bro).

kirsten smith

kirsten smith

kirsten smith

kirsten smith

smitty in the city maltipoo

kirsten smith flannel shirthat: Dick Smith (dad) similar here, flannel shirt: Andy Smith (brother) similar here, t-shirt: Georgia Smith (mom), jeans: c/o Frankie B., bag: vintage- similar here, boots: – similar here, on Smitty: camo hoodie by

It wasn’t me.  Smitty did it.




Photo Credit: Michael Stiegler

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The List Volume 1/20
Written by: WhyDid | The List

I was not kidding about that pony.  I feel that in honor of my birthday, I should suspend the usual snark fueled list in order to honor some things that make me giggle with glee.  So, here are ten of many in no particular order.

  1. Benetint. I don’t know how else I can say it.
  2. Crispy rice spicy tuna.
  3. Have I ever told you about Smitty
  4. Love.  Surprisingly enough… I love love.  So hard.
  5. Prosecco.
  6. My beloved friends… though I often have to Photoshop us into the same place for us to all be together. 
  7. Shiny things and chandeliers.
  8. Classic television, ie; Golden Girls, Cheers, Who’s the BossDesigning Women, Full House, The Nanny … (yes, I’m old).
  9. My pink HB cashmere robe.
  10. Any good reason to celebrate and deck myself out.

Happy birthday to me (and the rest of you Capriquarius kids).


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Why Did You Wear That: Unseasonably Short

Who says shorts are for summertime only?  There’s a reason they make shorts in winter fabrics like tweed, velvet, and leather.  They are meant to be worn out in the arctic blast.  Why should denim and cotton have all the fun?  They shouldn’t.  You’ve worked long and hard on those lanky legs.  Might as well show them off… all year long.  Wear your winter weight shorts with opaque or patterned tights, a cozy cashmere turtleneck, and tall boots to take this look from beachside to fireside.  Don’t forget to Follow WhyDid’s winter shorts guidelines though.  There’s a very fine line between sensibly chic and dirty little freak.

Yeah, somehow everything turns into a Smitty and me dance party.  Yes, I am one of those assholes who dresses her dog.  In my defense, he just got a haircut and it’s reached an unbearably cold 45 degrees here in sunny California.  He was shivering today.  What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t put him in a sweater?  Smitty says if you like my outfit and wanna have a dance party with him, try out this similar look below.


1. Qi Black Long Time Ruched Turtleneck, $108, 2. Alice + Olivia Tweed Shorts, $99, 3. Chloe Burgandy-Red Horn Eyeglasses, $230.95, 4. Anna Sui 80 Denier Solid Microfiber Tights, $18, 5. Nine West Verydisco Boots, $169.99



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Look for Less: Gossip Folks

I’ve watched lots of these shows where they attempt to  ”recreate” designer outfits for less, but I get SO annoyed because they are never even close to the original. I mean, I get SO mad that sometimes I must be restrained from chucking the TV out the window. It gets my blood boiling that these people are getting paid for not even coming close. Kind of like being a weather girl.

That’s where I come in. I pride myself on being really good at this. Add it to my special “skills” on my resume. Anyhow, after a juicy episode of Gossip Girl, I was inspired by the lovely ladies to recreate their sizzling style. Whether you’re a Serena or a Blair, I’ve got you covered!



Dress from Forever 21, $22.80


Headband from Forever21, $3.80 (Score!)


Jeffrey Campbell Stud Ballet Flat, $128



Crepe Tunic from Forever21, $27.80


Cami from Forever21, $4.80


Kimchi Blue Gladiator Sandal, $38


Madison Straw Bag, $45.95

And there you have it. Now you can look like your own Gossip Girl. I think I’m on team Serena… that could have something to do with the blonde hair and our shared love of maltipoos.  Either way, send in any outfits you would like me to “recreate” for you.



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