It’s no secret how I feel about the current state of TV programming.  Reality TV shows full of Kardashians and overpaid, undereducated wannabes.  Why can’t we can some quality TV back?  Remember TGIF?  Those were the days.  One of my absolute favorite TV shows is Who’s The Boss? I fall asleep watching that and Golden Girls. Seeing as I spend so much time with Angela and co., I started to notice that Angela had some pretty serious style.

I know, you’re thinking Sam (Alyssa Milano) was the hottie on Who’s the Boss? but let’s not sell Angela short.  While you may only think of her as an uptight ad agency executive (remember when it was sexy for women to be smart?), Angela is the poster child of sportswear.  Silk blouses, oversized blazers, pops of color, jumpsuits, and turtleneck tunics are a just a few of Angela’s style staples.  Add some big hair and those large plastic frames and you too, could be running Wallace and McQuade.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Sequined Silk Chiffon Jumpsuit, $1,100, 2. Jill Stuart Destine Blouse with Neck Tie, $378,  3. Donna Karan Collection Cashmere Turtleneck Tunic, $995, 4. Steven Alan Renada Double Breasted Silk Blazer, $385, 5. Halston Heritage Stretch Satin Jersey Jumpsuit, $355, 6. Love Moschino Long Sleeve Sweater, $170, 7. Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Blazer, $185, 8. Wylie Eyeglasses, $35,  9. DKNY V-Neck Silk Jumpsuit, $295, 10. Jill Stuart Doreen Top, $428