Why Did You Wear That: Leader of the (Back) Pack

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how to wear a backpack overallsBackpacks aren’t anything new- we brought back the pack both last year (here) and the year before (here).  Long gone are the days of bulky canvas Kipling and Jansport and the current iterations aren’t of Clueless microscopic proportions either.  These bags are crafted of leathers, skins, and suede and embellished with shiny hardware in gold, silver, and in some instances even rose gold.  While many equate backpacks to textbooks and pencil cases, the backpack has evolved well beyond the playground and has become fashion “it” girls’ new “it” bag.  Trade in your slouchy tote for fall for a backpack slung over one shoulder or worn traditionally on two shoulders.  Tag- you’re it.

10 top backpacks1. Alexander Wang Dumbo Textured Leather Backpack, 2. Proenza Schouler Python PS Small Courier Backpack, 3. Opening Ceremony Izzy Backpack, 4. meli melo Mini Backpack, 5. See by Chloé Cherry Backpack, 6. Jerome Dreyfuss Haircalf Florent Backpack, 7. ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Backpack, 8. Deadly Ponies Mr. Chain Mail Backpack, 9. Balenciaga Arena Classic Traveler Backpack, 10. KARA Suede Backpack




Photo by Michael Stiegler, full outfit post here

Why Did You Wear That: That’s a Rap

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mixtapeMuch to the chagrin of my mother, I grew up loving rap music.  I’m not sure I can explain exactly why, but there’s something about the way you feel when the beat drops and I have a deep appreciation for anyone who can find a way to rhyme words that have absolutely no business being rhymed, let alone combined. I can still recite every lyric to “Regulate” and “Shoop” will forever and always be my go to karaoke song.  As a true style schizophrenic, there was a period of time when I was known to wear oversized polos and adidas sneakers with my hair slicked back like a white boricua.  There are photos… somewhere… and they need to be burned…

But alas, perhaps I should have held onto some of my street style essentials as they are making quite the comeback along with the rest of the 90’s.  Not only have Doc Martens regained popularity, so have Timberland boots.  I had the coolest pink pair in middle school… which would have been worth bringing out of the archives.  But since they’ve long been retired, there are plenty of ways to recreate the look of street chic without looking like a bad remix.

1. Married to the Mob x UO Ride or Die Beanie, 2. adidas Back Zip Zigzag Dress, 3. Supra Society Paisley Pattern High Top Sneaker, 4. Forever 21 Street Chic Bad Hoops, 5. The Mountain Rottweiler Face Sweatshirt, 6. Mason by Michelle Mason Houndstooth Sweatpants, 7. adidas Heritage Snapback Hat, 8. BDG Denim Overall, 9. Timberland Premium Booties, 10. Sara Designs All Chain Wrap Watch, 11. Jonathan Simkhai Leather Check Sweatshirt, 12. Skaist Taylor Leopard Knit Miniskirt, 13.Puma Sky High Wedge Scaled Animal High Top 

And ya don’t stop.




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Setting the Mood: Love and Hip Hop

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90s hip hop r&b fashionWhile the 90’s grunge look has its modern day resurgence, let us not forget that during that very same time, there was another musically inspired fashion movement happening simultaneously.  On the other end of the spectrum of looking halfway homeless and heroin chic, hip hop and R&B stars were living the luxurious life in leathers, furs, and overall excess.  Always designer driven, street style is still just as in love with labels today as it was twenty some odd years ago.  For added interest this go round, grunge and hip hop glamour can be cleverly combined to create the ultimate 90’s throwback.

Acne Chagall Leather OverallsHullabaloo x Urban Renewal Sphinx Doorknocker EarringTimberland Fleece Foldover BootiesCOOGI Lightweight Varsity Jacket 



Why Did or Why Don’t: Overall Overhaul

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As you may recall, I wasn’t particularly pleased when the whole “overalls” trend popped up this past fall.  It just seemed like such an unflattering and unladylike look for about, oh… 98.9% of the population.  But then something funny happened.

Trendsetting celebrities and stylish city girls put a positive spin on the formerly dowdy denim dungarees.  For some reason, I find the short version far less offensive than its full leg counterpart.   Dare I even call it cute?  So, I guess you could say my cold heart has melted… or it could just be this miserable mid-July heatwave, but you be the judge.

Blank Roll in the Hay Overalls, Haute Hippie Chambray Overalls, BDG Denim Overall Shorts, Current/Elliot The Short Overalls



Why Did or Why Don’t?: An Overall Bad Idea

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celebrities in overallsThey were bad the first go ’round, and yet, here they are again trying to make a comeback (if we can even call it that).  Just like the eighties (as a decade), it seems we’re always trying to “bring back” some of the worst trends.  Didn’t we learn our lesson the first time?  It’s like needing to touch the stove just to make sure it’s hot.

Which trend is being rehashed this time?  Overalls or bibs or dungarees or hogwashers.  Call them what you will, but they can only be categorized under, “Bad.” While they made appearances on runways from Altuzarra, Phillip Lim, and Rebecca Minkoff, I don’t think even designers can make this outdated style seem fresh, let alone chic.

overalls trend

Some famous wearers of overalls circa 1990: T-Boz, ‘Nsync, Old MacDonald.  And where are they now?  Let’s learn from our mistakes, ladies, and leave the overalls to the farmer in the dell.

Ya’ll don’t come back now, ya hear?



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