Setting the Mood: Plaid to the Bone

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plaid fashion editorialAs seen as one of the trend’s for this winter’s must have coats, plaid is a pattern that hasn’t (and isn’t) going anywhere.  Houndstooth, Glenurquhart Check, Windowpane and Tatersall, whatever your check of choice, be certain to include it in your winter wardrobe.  One might think I’d be burnt out on plaid after being forced to wear it for a greater portion of my adolescence, but the opposite is true.  Perhaps it holds a bit of nostalgia, or maybe it’s just a pattern that really never goes out of style.  While it can be worn in the straightforward fashion of a flannel or frock, it also comes in an array of accessories and the truly bold may be able to pull of mixing multiple tartans at one time.

burberry rain boots plaid

Burberry Shearling Lined Checked Cotton Twill and Rubber BootsIsabel Marant Matt Plaid Linen and Wool Blend ScarfMarc by Marc Jacobs Top Schooly Printed Leather Shoulder BagEquipment Shane Plaid Intarsia Wool Sweater



Why Did You Wear That: Boot, Scoot, Blizzard

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new york snowIn case you missed it or your Instagram/Facebook feed was not spammed with Winter Wonderlandlike snapshots, it snowed in New York City yesterday.  And if you missed out on posting your very own frosty photo, don’t you worry- because as my chatty cab driver informed me this morning, we should be getting bombarded with another six inches this weekend.  That means one of two things: start stockpiling comfort food and libations or find footwear capable of navigating slush filled streets.  But, please don’t make them standard issue UGGs.  If you’re thinking it may be silly to invest in a pair of boots this late in the winter, let’s not forget that April showers bring May flowers and once it’s stopped being below freezing, we are sure to be showered for a couple more months before we fall back in love with the city during spring.

designer rain boots


1. Hunter Sandhurst Savoy Rainboots, 2. Sloosh Italy Original Rainboots, 3. Isabel Marant Nowles Shearling LinedWedge Boots, 4. Gucci Rubber Horsebit Rain Boots, 5. LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Rossalyn Boots, 6. UGG Lacie Rain Boots, 7. Hunter x Rag & Bone Knee High Rain Boots, 8. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Rubber Rain Boots, 9. Chooka Seville Wedge Rainboot, 10. Burberry Holloway Studded Rubber Rain Boots




Why Did You Wear That: Puddle Jumper

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It happens every year.  Just like clockwork, we start to get a little too comfortable with the glorious spring- turning into summer- weather… and then, the clouds roll in, open up, and the rain comes down.  It’s kind of like Mother Nature is just reminding us that she’s still around.  She really does have a twisted sense of humor.  So, that leads us to the age old problem:  how does one stay dapper without getting drenched?

Year after year, I’ve rounded up the most waterproof footwear that’s sure to keep your precious Pradas and Louboutins free from getting waterlogged.  From your feet to your ‘fro, it’s not easy keeping in chic in the spring storms.  There are times you may just want to throw your hands up and think, “Forget it.  It’s raining, I’m gonna call it a loss.”  Here’s the thing:  your rainboots don’t have to be heinous.  Designers have really cranked it up a notch and created rainboots that are nearly as attractive as your everyday footwear wardrobe.  (Have they finally heard our prayers?)  Now, when the rain stops, you won’t be left looking silly in your big rubber wellies.  Instead, you’ll be as lovely as the sunny days that await you in May.

1. Hunter Regent Savoy Rainboots, $175, 2.Juicy Couture Emily Rainboots, $168 , 3. Hunter Vintage Union Jack Print Wellington Rainboots, $220, 4. Burberry Buckle Detail Check Rainboots,$395, 5. Hunter Original Tall Neon Soled Wellington Rainboots, $145 , 6. Dirty Laundry Roadhouse Rainboots, $47.20, 7. Tivoli Rainboots by Sorel, $110, 8. Hunter Aston Gloss Wedge Rainboots, $125

Stay dry.




image via it Thing

The List Volume LV

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 I always get a kick out of checking my Google Analytics to see what people are searching.  Some of you are real freaks.  Then again… I’m the one with the blog that people Googling land on.  That’s neither here nor there.  So, what were you fine folks Googling this week? Let’s have a look.

  1. Slutty Halloween costumes (specifically slutty Tinkerbell and slutty schoolgirl).
  2. Motorcycle hand signals. 
  3. Anal bleaching (in several variations of the words).
  4. Black and white engagement rings.  FYI- Wedding Chicks just did an awesome piece on these. 
  5. Fishtail braid, Blake Lively mermaid braid, Serena fish braid.
  6. Ombre hair.
  7. Hedgehog bites, hedgehogs, hedgehog saying you’re stupid.
  8. Cute ways to curl your hair for a date.
  9. Rainboots, Hunter rainboots, Burberry rainboots, celebrities in rainboots.
  10. Cameltoe
You guys need to get hobbies…




Why Did You Wear That: High and Dry

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Since it’s a miserable rainy day in New York today, I thought I’d dedicate this one to celebs and their rain boots.  Perhaps you don’t feel your chicest when strapping on your wellies, but after seeing some seriously stylish ladies parading around in theirs maybe you’ll change your mind. Hey, better than destroying your new suede OTK boots.


I believe Kate Moss was the first to make rain boots chic. Because that’s what Kate Moss does.


Gwyneth Paltrow in some serious lace up rain boots.

EXCLUSIVE: Hilary Duff Loves Vancouver! (And her mom!)

Hilary Duff with mom in Burberry rain boots.


Sarah Michelle Gellar in Hunter boots.


Nicole Richie in Hunter boots.


Ashley Olsen in Jimmy Choo for Hunter rain boots. (Does she know it’s kind of an oxymoron to be wearing sunglasses at the same time as rainboots?)

Last spring I wrote a little ditty on the Do’s and Don’ts of rainboots. Please review and stay dry!