Friday Frocks: Playing Dress Up

By |October 26th, 2012|Friday Frocks|

candy ghost halloweenOkay, so for any of you other ladies who are doing the ultimate stall on selecting a Halloween costume, I have some quick, easy, and not so slutty ideas for you.  If you’ve opted out of the “costume in a bag” but you don’t want to be a total wet blanket, here are five ideas using the frocks you may already own.  I think these are all so brilliant, I may very well wear one of them myself (okay, I’ve already done the mime thing).

And here are last year’s suggestions too (also genius)!

 hot dateSplendid Stretch Tube Dress, $46, Sharpie Brush Pen Permanent Marker Set, $6.99

runaway brideSparkle & Fade Lace Trompe L’oeil Dress, $69, Forever21 Chiffon Rosette Headband, $5.80SUPRA Society Glitter Panel High-Top Sneaker, $95,


 carmen miranda halloweenReverse Cut Out High Low Dress, $79, Melissa and Doug Playtime Produce, $17.99, Adia Kibur Layered Beads Necklace, $31.50

mime halloween costumeSparkle & Fade Zip Front Peplum Dress, $54, Oasis Sequin Beret, $23, Adult Insane Clown Posse Makeup Kit, $16.49

unicorn halloween costumeLouise Gray Flas Burst Sequin Dress, $150, Patricia Field Unicorn Headband, $26, Makeup Forever Glitter Eyelashes, $16



Setting the Mood: I’m a Creep

By |October 22nd, 2012|Setting the Mood|

halloween costume mood boardWell, I was trying to avoid it altogether… but you can’t fight the calendar.  Halloween and its impending skank parade are fast approaching, so we may as well just address this situation head on.  Perhaps I’m just old now or I’ve seen one too many “naughty nurse” or “frisky flight attendant” but I’ve about had it with the oh so obvious “insert the word slutty in front of” Halloween costume.  It would appear we can turn just about anything erotic… even a skunk.  So, how about this year we go for artistic makeup or eery attire as opposed to exposing our ass cheeks for all of the city to see?  Let’s keep creepy classy and besides, subtle is most sexy.

skull halloween accessoriesIllamasqua Lipstick in Pristine (Matte Black), $24, McQ by Alexander McQueen Skull Intarsia Mohair Sweater Dress, $635, Monserat De Lucca Skull Bracelet, $150, D.L. & Co. Skull Cased Candle, $135

Happy haunting!



Why Did You Wear That: Did I Do That?

By |October 9th, 2012|Why Did You Wear That?|

steve urkelYou know you’re getting old when you start saying things like, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”  Well, from time to time I wax poetic about “classic” TV and some of the shows I grew up with.  Yes, I love The Nanny, Full House, and Who’s the Boss?, but let us not forget the great Family Matters starring the obnoxiously lovable, Steve Urkel.  Sure, sure he spent the majority of his time chasing around Laura Winslow and in hot pursuit of cheese, but perhaps we sold this geek a bit short.  No, I don’t mean his alter ego, Stefan.  I’m talking about his studious style that could very well be translated into something quite cool for modern day.

dress like steve urkel

1. Cutler and Gross D-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses, $470, 2. J. Crew Holden Plaid Cotton Blend Shirt, $78, 3. Steven Banx Two Tone Oxfords, $129, 4. Forever 21 Hooded Varsity Cardigan, $22.80, 5. Forever 21 Suspenders, $8.90, 6. Rag & Bone Dash Slouchy Skinny Jeans, $198,

See? suddenly Steve is looking a little less geek and a bit more chic.  And if I told you I hadn’t sung late night karaoke somewhere in Koreatown with Urkel himself, that’d be a lie.

If all else fails, Halloween is just around the corner.  Did I do that?



Beauty Buzz: False Advertising?

By |December 22nd, 2011|Beauty Buzz|

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog.  I was so obsessed with this mascara when I got it that I couldn’t wait to blog about it.  But as in dating, you must give mascara a couple of “dates” before declaring “This is the ONE!”  After three successful applications, I kept going up to people and saying- can you tell?  Do they look fake?  (Okay- I was asking Smitty).  I really felt like I had noticeably longer, fuller, faker lashes.  Now after putting together the before and after photos, I can see why people (Smitty) just turned and walked away every time.

So, Maybelline Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Mascara claims to make your lashes look fake.  I know- in most cases, looking “fake” is a bad thing, but as many of you ladies know, a clause in this golden rule comes down to your lashes.  With lashes, the bigger the better.  Here’s the problem: have you ever attempted applying fake eyelashes?  Not easy.  What is easy is quickly going from a beauty experiment to your own version of A Christmas Story and shooting your eye out.  No one ever really understands the whole pirate eye patch thing at a holiday party.  Halloween at least you stand a fighting chance.  Anyway, you tell me this is going to make my eyelashes look fake, I’m in.

Below are the before lashes (no eyeliner, no nothing…):

And keep on scrolling for the magic reveal “after” photos. (I understand that I could have taken a close up of my eyelashes… but why would someone be that close to my face?  I want to know whether or not you can see my eyelashes from the punch bowl across the room.  Is that not the point of mascara?)

So, I guess the verdict’s in.  This isn’t even close to as dramatic as wearing false eyelashes.  So very anti-climatic, as a matter of fact, that even my trusty assistant got bored and went to go chase a stick.  It’s virtually the same picture.  So, 1).  I should thank my mom for my naturally long dark lashes (my dad’s are the color  called “clear”), and 2). probably going to have to hone my lash applying skills.  As far as mascaras go, this is a very good one, but will it have you questioning whether they’re real or fake?  Probably not.



P.S. If you find my dog more entertaining than I am… it’s completely understandable and you can find his blog here.

Photo via DiscoTreats

Weekend Playlist: Fright Night Car and Automobile Day

By |October 29th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

Seeing as Halloween falls on a Monday this year … lame… most people will be taking full advantage of the entire weekend to really spook it up.  And while you may not be hitting up the hottest cluuuuurb this year, you’ll probably attend some type of Halloween fete.  Perhaps, if you’re a really ambitious, you’ll actually be the one throwing said soiree.  You’ve thought of everything from eyeball ice cubes to black martinis but have you even taken a moment to consider a hauntingly hip playlist?  No?  You were too busy making pina ghouladas?  That’s fine.  I’ve gone ahead and done it for you.  You owe me.

 Happy haunting.

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