halloween costume mood boardWell, I was trying to avoid it altogether… but you can’t fight the calendar.  Halloween and its impending skank parade are fast approaching, so we may as well just address this situation head on.  Perhaps I’m just old now or I’ve seen one too many “naughty nurse” or “frisky flight attendant” but I’ve about had it with the oh so obvious “insert the word slutty in front of” Halloween costume.  It would appear we can turn just about anything erotic… even a skunk.  So, how about this year we go for artistic makeup or eery attire as opposed to exposing our ass cheeks for all of the city to see?  Let’s keep creepy classy and besides, subtle is most sexy.

skull halloween accessoriesIllamasqua Lipstick in Pristine (Matte Black), $24, McQ by Alexander McQueen Skull Intarsia Mohair Sweater Dress, $635, Monserat De Lucca Skull Bracelet, $150, D.L. & Co. Skull Cased Candle, $135

Happy haunting!