steve urkelYou know you’re getting old when you start saying things like, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”  Well, from time to time I wax poetic about “classic” TV and some of the shows I grew up with.  Yes, I love The Nanny, Full House, and Who’s the Boss?, but let us not forget the great Family Matters starring the obnoxiously lovable, Steve Urkel.  Sure, sure he spent the majority of his time chasing around Laura Winslow and in hot pursuit of cheese, but perhaps we sold this geek a bit short.  No, I don’t mean his alter ego, Stefan.  I’m talking about his studious style that could very well be translated into something quite cool for modern day.

dress like steve urkel

1. Cutler and Gross D-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses, $470, 2. J. Crew Holden Plaid Cotton Blend Shirt, $78, 3. Steven Banx Two Tone Oxfords, $129, 4. Forever 21 Hooded Varsity Cardigan, $22.80, 5. Forever 21 Suspenders, $8.90, 6. Rag & Bone Dash Slouchy Skinny Jeans, $198,

See? suddenly Steve is looking a little less geek and a bit more chic.  And if I told you I hadn’t sung late night karaoke somewhere in Koreatown with Urkel himself, that’d be a lie.

If all else fails, Halloween is just around the corner.  Did I do that?