Somethin’ For the Fellas: No Junk in This Trunk

By |April 12th, 2012|Somethin for the fellas|

clark kent supermanOh men.  They are so wonderful in so many ways, but sometimes “sense of style” isn’t one of those many wondrous reasons we love them.  Whether they are breaking one of the cardinal man fashion commandments, wearing chinos in the champagne room, or sporting jeans that would make Liberace cringe,  they need us.  Should they choose to admit that or not isn’t relevant.  They need us.  Period.

While some of us consider shopping to be therapy (or even cardio), you’ve gotta know how much guys hate shopping.  They will park as close to the store they want to go to.  Get in.  Get out.  No browsing.  No fuss.  No muss.  To men, shopping is warfare, not fun.  So, how exactly are you going to get your man looking fresh to death?  Well, you could shop for him… but that can seem a bit pushy or “mom” like at times and besides, that’s valuable time you could be spending perusing the shoes at Barney’s instead.  Maybe he thinks he has really great taste (HA!) or maybe he’s just extremely busy. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for a fashion intervention.

Wouldn’t it be great if clothes and goodies could just magically show up at his door?  Like the Tooth Fairy or fashion?  We, ladies are lucky enough to have Birchbox (which, FYI, will be launching a men’s version shortly), but what do men get?

Enter Trunk Club.  What is Trunk Club you ask?  Well, it is A) genius, B) a service that provides the gents with a box of goodies that they can try on in the privacy of their own homes, keep what they like and send back what they don’t.  How easy is that?  After filling out a bit about himself (sizes, preferences), an “expert” will put together some great options that can be be packed as separates or even as entire outfits.  As time goes on, and the stylists learn his preferences, the trunks will become more and more tailored to his taste.  Trunks are sent whenever he’d like and not a moment sooner, which may require you to decide that for him.

Trunk Club for MenIt’s even something fun the two of you can do together.  Dress him up… and then undress him.  Have your very own private little fashion show.  This should prove to him that shopping can, in fact, be quite fun.



Images via Shaun Wong and Trunk Club

Why Did You Wear That: Let’s Hear it for the Boys

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group of guysI realize that an awful lot of time is spent guiding the lovely ladies from fashion disasters to fashion dreams, but what about the men in our lives?  They need some help too, no?  While some of you may have tried (hopefully with some success), perhaps citing a credible source will help in your endeavors to dress up your man.  I mean, I’ve pointed out some of the negatives: sagging pants, terrible jeans, wearing chinos in the champagne room, and an entire “List” dedicated to a whole other mess of style violations.  This week I’ve dug up a few of Hollywood’s hottest hotties and what they’ve been wearing in their down time and when gallivanting around town.

bradley cooper jar restaurant

1. G-STAR Raw Correct Line Western Shirt, $85, 2. Jean Shop Classic Straight Leg Jeans, $320, 3. Merona Williamsburg Navy Jacket, $34.99, 4. Frye James Lace Up Black Leather Boots, $238

christian bale family belgium1.   Hanes Stretch Crewneck T-Shirt (2 pack), $13.99, 2. Joe’s Jeans Brixton Slim Straight Jeans, $168, 3.  Volcom Alert Lined Jacket, $88.99, 4. Timberland Newmarket 5-Eye Chukka, $120

liam hemsworth sony playstation1. James Perse V-Neck T, $50, 2. Nudie Jeans Grim Tim in Broken Black, $215, 3. BOSS Orange Jendrik Leather Jacket, $416.50, 4. John Varvatos Diamond Scarf, $168, 5. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Motorcycle Jacket Sneaker, $70

So, seriously… let’s hear it for the boys.



The List Volume LVI

By |October 14th, 2011|Somethin for the fellas, The List|

There’s quite a bit of time spent on WhyDid helping the ladies with the do’s and don’ts of fashion… but it occurred to me last night (while watching an especially offensive episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker) that we need to direct some of this professional fashion help towards our male counterparts.  It also occurred to me that many of you men actually think you have  the slightest clue as to how to dress yourselves.  Welp, newsflash: You don’t.  Just ask Kanye, who took the liberty of deciding he could show his “collection” at Paris Fashion Week.  Oops!

So, this is dedicated to you, brothers Cruz and the rest of you gentlemen out there making our eyes hurt.  (I’ll include photos as to be very explicit).


  1. Manpris.  Yes, those are exactly what you’re thinking. 
  2. Sleeveless hoodies. 
  3. Anything with embellishment.  Good rule of thumb: If you’ve seen it on The Jersey Shore, it for sure shouldn’t see it in your closet. 
  4. Fishnet tank tops. Ahem, Jared Leto. 
  5. If you must wear a blazer with your jeans (and it seems you all must), please, for heaven’s sake, do not wear sky blue baggy jeans with it.  Dark and tailored denim, fellas. 
  6. Button down shirts… only buttoned with one button.  There are multiple buttons for multiple reasons.  Use them. 
  7. Knit hats and/or scarves at the beach or with a tank top, swim trunks, or anything else that could be worn in July. 
  8. Jewelry other than a wedding band. 
  9. T-shirts that could be mistaken for your girlfriend’s in the wash. Tight, deep V, etc. ….  Please reference SNL’s Dangerously Deep V –
  10. Skinny jeans.  I’m so uncomfortable with these for so many reasons.  One being that I don’t need to know that your thighs are smaller than mine. 


The List Volume XLV

By |May 20th, 2011|Somethin for the fellas, The List|

This week the list is dedicated to all you men out there.  At times, I am utterly appalled by your behavior and wonder why we women haven’t boycotted you altogether.

So gentlemen, read carefully.  Ladies, please feel free to print this sucker out and affix it to any and all men’s bathroom doors.

  1. Money can’t buy you love.  Yes, it’s true.  Girls love gifts.  And while this may work for a little while, there will come a time when you need to pony up and show us what you’re made of.  A new pair of Louboutins for every you time you $*%* up will fill our closets, not our hearts. (Sidenote: bragging about your cash is vulgar.  It doesn’t impress us -at least not the nice girls- it just makes us think you’re insecure).
  2. Your grooming habits and products should not be more complex nor should they take up the space of mine.  A little “manscaping” is one thing. Highlighted hair, waxed brows, and manzilians aren’t things that I want to have in common with you.  If I liked girls, I’d date Ellen Degeneres.
  3. Man boobs.  Never, ever should your breasts resemble your lady friend’s.  If you happen to be one of those gentlemen who grew mammaries overnight, at least cover them up by not wearing a silky shirt that emphasizes your newly swollen teets.  If you happen to pass by the mirror and turn yourself on with the tittays you see, it’s time to hit the gym.
  4. Pushing women out of the way to get on the subway/train, front of the line, etc. first.  Who are you?  Did you not have a mother?  Have a little bit of class.  Forget what ya heard, chivalry is not dead.
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  You, my friend, have now joined the ranks of Jesse James and Tiger Woods.  Congrats.  Oh, and by the way, Jesse – all men do not cheat.
  6. Cat calls.  Um, how’s your ROI been on those?  Remember this little experiment?
  7. Tank tops.  They aren’t meant for you.  I don’t care if you are some cutie patootie with nice triceps.  You still have armpit hair.  And furthermore, by you wearing that tank top, you’re sending the message to other men (probably the ones who have no business wearing one) that it is, in fact, fine to flaunt the fat.
  8. Belching, farting, scratching.  We get it.  These things happen.  The body must function as it will– not at its will.  Thing is- we don’t need to know you do it.  Just like women never poop.  Some secrets are meant to be kept.
  9. Bromances.  It’s nice to have friends.  We love our girls’ nights too.  However, dating (aka taking care of) one guy is hard enough.  Don’t make me babysit your bestie too.
  10. “No” means “no.” This may be a hard pill to swallow, but sometimes… we’re just not interested.  Calling us a “bitch” or “fat heifer” just cause we shot you down isn’t going to get you very far.  All it does is solidify what a douchebag you are.




Why Did You Wear That: Home on the Range

By |February 24th, 2011|Somethin for the fellas|

I realize that I give the Hollywood starlets a lot of crap for going out in public in their crazy get ups, so I figured it was high time to level the playing field and turn the tables on the boys.  After all, fellas are perfectly prone to fashion eff ups as well.

Speaking of which, here is the oh so handsome Mr. Moore Ashton Kutcher proving just how susceptible men are to fashion flubs (click here to see more variants):

Yikes!  With an outfit like that, I’m not sure I’d want to be his friend… let alone his friend with benefits.  Wait… wrong movie.  Anyway, I’m a little surprised the always elegant, always divine Demi Moore would let her boy toy leave the house looking like a ranch hand.  I get that Ashton is a little quirky, but this is more along the lines of dorky.  Rule number one for every man out there: just say “NO” to khakis.  If he was going to go with such a bold blanket jacket, he would have been better off pairing it with dark denim and a plain white T-shirt.  That actually might have looked pretty cool.

Instead, he looks like he just wrestled a buffalo (and lost).  Better luck next time, Ashton, but this time you’ve been Punk’d.




Photos via The Superficial