I realize that I give the Hollywood starlets a lot of crap for going out in public in their crazy get ups, so I figured it was high time to level the playing field and turn the tables on the boys.  After all, fellas are perfectly prone to fashion eff ups as well.

Speaking of which, here is the oh so handsome Mr. Moore Ashton Kutcher proving just how susceptible men are to fashion flubs (click here to see more variants):

Yikes!  With an outfit like that, I’m not sure I’d want to be his friend… let alone his friend with benefits.  Wait… wrong movie.  Anyway, I’m a little surprised the always elegant, always divine Demi Moore would let her boy toy leave the house looking like a ranch hand.  I get that Ashton is a little quirky, but this is more along the lines of dorky.  Rule number one for every man out there: just say “NO” to khakis.  If he was going to go with such a bold blanket jacket, he would have been better off pairing it with dark denim and a plain white T-shirt.  That actually might have looked pretty cool.

Instead, he looks like he just wrestled a buffalo (and lost).  Better luck next time, Ashton, but this time you’ve been Punk’d.




Photos via The Superficial