For years women have endured the cat calls, whistles, and obnoxious shout outs from men on the street. It’s so common in NYC, that I actually no longer even hear it. When people are in from out of town they are appalled by the suggestive, aggressive, and offensive commentary.

Well, the other night, we decided to flip the script. We started treating men like the pieces of meat they’ve been treating us as from the moment we started wearing training bras. Surprisingly, our method was incredibly effective. We had a 95% return on our obnoxious commentary, which is sort of disturbing. It seems that men actually found it incredibly amusing… even (gasp) charming when we hurled lusty dialogue in their direction. Perhaps men appreciated the ladies doing the “work” for once, though I’d hardly consider telling someone to “take their top off” work.

Don’t believe me? Oh, well, don’t you worry… we documented it (obvsies):

And there you have it, my friends. Apparently, that’s all it takes.

Nice ass!