clark kent supermanOh men.  They are so wonderful in so many ways, but sometimes “sense of style” isn’t one of those many wondrous reasons we love them.  Whether they are breaking one of the cardinal man fashion commandments, wearing chinos in the champagne room, or sporting jeans that would make Liberace cringe,  they need us.  Should they choose to admit that or not isn’t relevant.  They need us.  Period.

While some of us consider shopping to be therapy (or even cardio), you’ve gotta know how much guys hate shopping.  They will park as close to the store they want to go to.  Get in.  Get out.  No browsing.  No fuss.  No muss.  To men, shopping is warfare, not fun.  So, how exactly are you going to get your man looking fresh to death?  Well, you could shop for him… but that can seem a bit pushy or “mom” like at times and besides, that’s valuable time you could be spending perusing the shoes at Barney’s instead.  Maybe he thinks he has really great taste (HA!) or maybe he’s just extremely busy. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for a fashion intervention.

Wouldn’t it be great if clothes and goodies could just magically show up at his door?  Like the Tooth Fairy or fashion?  We, ladies are lucky enough to have Birchbox (which, FYI, will be launching a men’s version shortly), but what do men get?

Enter Trunk Club.  What is Trunk Club you ask?  Well, it is A) genius, B) a service that provides the gents with a box of goodies that they can try on in the privacy of their own homes, keep what they like and send back what they don’t.  How easy is that?  After filling out a bit about himself (sizes, preferences), an “expert” will put together some great options that can be be packed as separates or even as entire outfits.  As time goes on, and the stylists learn his preferences, the trunks will become more and more tailored to his taste.  Trunks are sent whenever he’d like and not a moment sooner, which may require you to decide that for him.

Trunk Club for MenIt’s even something fun the two of you can do together.  Dress him up… and then undress him.  Have your very own private little fashion show.  This should prove to him that shopping can, in fact, be quite fun.



Images via Shaun Wong and Trunk Club