Why Did You Wear That: Jumping at the Chance

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celebrity jumpsuits 2012Another one of my favorite “all in one” outfits is the jumpsuit; a very close cousin of the romper.  While you may equate the jumpsuit to the disco queens of the 70’s or the Angela Bowers of the 80’s, the jumpsuit is actually being made quite current by the A-list of the red carpet.  The jumpsuit started its reemergence last year, and I “jumped” right on that trend (couldn’t help it).  This look can be both casual (see my favorite American Apparel version here) and incredibly glamorous (remember when Rose Byrne first wore one to the SAG Awards?).  So, whether you choose to wear yours with flats for Sunday brunch or heels for Saturday night fever, this trend is sure to leave you looking anything but out of style.

summer jumpsuits1. Sparkle & Fade Open Back Jumper, $59, 2. Smith Tie Dye Jumper, $79, 3. Day Birger et Mikkelsen Ofelia Pleated Chiffon Jumpsuit, $250, 4. Kimchi Blue Crochet Jumper, $99, 5. Forever21 Elasticized Abstract Print Jumpsuit, $24.80, 6. Coincidence & Chance Gaucho Jumper, $49, 7. Sandro Preference Crepe Jumpsuit, $340, 8. ALICE by Temperley Lavender Jumpsuit, $450, 9. Free People Solid and Lace Jumpsuit, $328, 10.Edith A. Miller Maryam Jumpsuit, $330

Make ya wanna jump, jump!



Why Did You Wear That: Being Angela Bower

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It’s no secret how I feel about the current state of TV programming.  Reality TV shows full of Kardashians and overpaid, undereducated wannabes.  Why can’t we can some quality TV back?  Remember TGIF?  Those were the days.  One of my absolute favorite TV shows is Who’s The Boss? I fall asleep watching that and Golden Girls. Seeing as I spend so much time with Angela and co., I started to notice that Angela had some pretty serious style.

I know, you’re thinking Sam (Alyssa Milano) was the hottie on Who’s the Boss? but let’s not sell Angela short.  While you may only think of her as an uptight ad agency executive (remember when it was sexy for women to be smart?), Angela is the poster child of sportswear.  Silk blouses, oversized blazers, pops of color, jumpsuits, and turtleneck tunics are a just a few of Angela’s style staples.  Add some big hair and those large plastic frames and you too, could be running Wallace and McQuade.

1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Sequined Silk Chiffon Jumpsuit, $1,100, 2. Jill Stuart Destine Blouse with Neck Tie, $378,  3. Donna Karan Collection Cashmere Turtleneck Tunic, $995, 4. Steven Alan Renada Double Breasted Silk Blazer, $385, 5. Halston Heritage Stretch Satin Jersey Jumpsuit, $355, 6. Love Moschino Long Sleeve Sweater, $170, 7. Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Blazer, $185, 8. Wylie Eyeglasses, $35,  9. DKNY V-Neck Silk Jumpsuit, $295, 10. Jill Stuart Doreen Top, $428




The List

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It’s that time again. A week full of things that got my blood boiling. Did you make the list?
  1. People comparing Christina Aguilera to Lady Gaga. Love Gags, but Xtina has been around for over ten years. Come on. No one’s re-inventing the wheel here.
  2. April showers. I better see a LOT of May flowers with the kind of nonsense you threw at us, April.
  3. The Zegerid OTC commercial. I don’t need to see your pudgy white chest. Ever. Got heartburn just watching it. Clever marketing.
  4. Tyra Banks’ jumpsuits.
  5. Tyra Banks.
  6. People’s inability to use the sidewalk efficiently. Again, can someone please write an etiquette book on this?
  7. Oil spills. Ever see a Dawn commercial? Not cool.
  8. Cramps. One of the many joys of being a woman.
  9. The man in the purple velvet blazer who tried to pick me up off the street. See this face? Not interested.
  10. The German Shepard down the hall who licks his lips every time he sees Smitty. He’s not a snack, Kujo. Slow your roll.

Happy Friday!



Reader Appreciation Day

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Why Did You Wear That is still in its beginning stages, but I want to thank those of you who actually do read this. It means a lot (and also makes me feel better that there are other bitchy people out there).

So to show you my gratitude, I am posting a couple of photos that were sent in to me by some very observant readers.  These photos are brilliant and I’m impressed with their keen eyes.  Please, PLEASE keep up the good work! Enjoy!!

Sent in by “Sarah” in NYC: