Why Did You Wear That is still in its beginning stages, but I want to thank those of you who actually do read this. It means a lot (and also makes me feel better that there are other bitchy people out there).

So to show you my gratitude, I am posting a couple of photos that were sent in to me by some very observant readers.  These photos are brilliant and I’m impressed with their keen eyes.  Please, PLEASE keep up the good work! Enjoy!!

Sent in by “Sarah” in NYC:


Who wants to play “Guess Where These Girls Are From”?  Me! Me! Me! Okay, three guesses…

Manhattan?– EHHHHH!

Um… L.A.?– EHHHHH!

Long Island?– Ding! Ding! Ding!

Okay, where to begin?  In all honesty, the girls are pretty girls, but they are suffering from severe cases of “I’m Doing Too Much Syndrome (IDTM).”  (It’s a real disorder, I swear. Look it up!)  The overly tan skin (which is, no doubt, tanning salon tan), the huge, over-processed hair, the matching black push up bras (FYI, no one actually needs to see your undergarments in public- unless you are a Victoria’s Secret model and well, that you’re not).

The outfits… ugh.. really? Vest and mini skirt? Denim jumpsuit? I get it, jumpsuits are making a comeback for spring… but NOT in denim.

There’s a big difference between taking care of yourself and doing too much. Less is more.

Sarah, where did you find these prizey ones?

Sent in by “Adrienne” in Las Vegas:



Dear god! I just choked on my smoothie!!! Somebody call 911!! We have a serious medical emergency here.  WTF happened to the young lady on the right’s breasts?? I can’t even get to their outfits of matching pigtails, sequin minis and slutty tops. I am so concerned about this poor woman’s breasts. I’m half waiting for aliens to pop out a la Spaceballs. She should sue her doctor if she hasn’t already.

Thank you “Sarah” and “Adrienne” for these photos. You have brightened my day and hopefully I have brightened all of yours. See how nice that works out?

So please, email me your photos! I will post the priziest right here.