Why Did You Wear That: Did I Do That?

By |October 9th, 2012|Why Did You Wear That?|

steve urkelYou know you’re getting old when you start saying things like, “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”  Well, from time to time I wax poetic about “classic” TV and some of the shows I grew up with.  Yes, I love The Nanny, Full House, and Who’s the Boss?, but let us not forget the great Family Matters starring the obnoxiously lovable, Steve Urkel.  Sure, sure he spent the majority of his time chasing around Laura Winslow and in hot pursuit of cheese, but perhaps we sold this geek a bit short.  No, I don’t mean his alter ego, Stefan.  I’m talking about his studious style that could very well be translated into something quite cool for modern day.

dress like steve urkel

1. Cutler and Gross D-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses, $470, 2. J. Crew Holden Plaid Cotton Blend Shirt, $78, 3. Steven Banx Two Tone Oxfords, $129, 4. Forever 21 Hooded Varsity Cardigan, $22.80, 5. Forever 21 Suspenders, $8.90, 6. Rag & Bone Dash Slouchy Skinny Jeans, $198,

See? suddenly Steve is looking a little less geek and a bit more chic.  And if I told you I hadn’t sung late night karaoke somewhere in Koreatown with Urkel himself, that’d be a lie.

If all else fails, Halloween is just around the corner.  Did I do that?



The List Volume 1/20

By |January 20th, 2012|The List|

I was not kidding about that pony.  I feel that in honor of my birthday, I should suspend the usual snark fueled list in order to honor some things that make me giggle with glee.  So, here are ten of many in no particular order.

  1. Benetint. I don’t know how else I can say it.
  2. Crispy rice spicy tuna.
  3. Have I ever told you about Smitty
  4. Love.  Surprisingly enough… I love love.  So hard.
  5. Prosecco.
  6. My beloved friends… though I often have to Photoshop us into the same place for us to all be together. 
  7. Shiny things and chandeliers.
  8. Classic television, ie; Golden Girls, Cheers, Who’s the BossDesigning Women, Full House, The Nanny … (yes, I’m old).
  9. My pink HB cashmere robe.
  10. Any good reason to celebrate and deck myself out.

Happy birthday to me (and the rest of you Capriquarius kids).


Girl Crush: Channeling Fran, the Flashy Girl from Flushing

By |March 29th, 2011|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

As previously stated, I’m a big fan of “classic” (um, is the 90’s now classic?) television.  One of my favorites is none other than The Nanny starring nasal voiced Fran Drescher.  While on the show she is portrayed as a tacky Jewish girl from Queens, if you look at Fran’s wardrobe, she’s really a trendsetter.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s just take a gander at the spring trends she’s sporting in the photos above:

  • Crop top. Check.
  • Florals. Check.
  • Animal Print. Triple check.
  • Stripes. Check.
  • Colorblocking. Check.
  • Flatforms. Ugh… Check.

Not so tacky now, is she?  A funny site I came across while doing my reconnaissance work for this post called, Should Be On the Nanny, pinpoints just how “on point” Fran was with her over the top outfits.  I often find myself sitting in front of the TV screen thinking one of two things: “I have that outfit” or “I need that outfit.”  If you, too, are channeling your inner girl from Flushing here are some Nanny-approved outfits to hop on your boss’s desk in:

1. Anne Klein New York Polka Dot Silk Georgette Blouse, $136.50, 2. Spring & Clifton Rumour Mini Skirt, $121, 3. Alice + Olivia Nicola Leopard Print Dress, $297, 4. Alice + Olivia Yoko Floral Flutter Sleeve Blouse, $275, 5. Truly Madly Deeply Mini Pencil Skirt, $32, 6. Jonathan Saunders Chilton Embellished Silk Mini Dress, $717.50, 7. bebe Neon Mesh Panel Dress, $129, 8. Theory Elizabeth Short Sleeved Turtleneck Top, $85, 9. Forever 21 Pretty Plaid Skirt, $19.80, 10. Asos Bandeau Leopard Jumpsuit, $53.79, 11. All Saints Mohan Leather Jacket, $395, 12. Report Signature Black Stretch Winston Platform Over the Knee Boots, $252, 13. Bettye Muller Caprice Wedges, $185, 14. Charlotte Olympia Miranda Leopard Platform Wedge, $902, 15. D&G Shocking Rose Black Bow Silk Top, $315, 16. BB Dakota Lance Plaid Skirt, $34, 17. Betsey Johnson Kiss Cotton Jersey Crop Top, $128, 18. French Connection Fast Dazzi Sequin Skirt, $101.99

And that’s how she became the nanny…



Photos via The Nanny Statement