Why Did You Wear That: American Girl in Paris, La Dernier Chapitre

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kirsten smith blog why didIf you’ve been keeping up with my Parisian escapades (parts deux et trois), you’re probably wondering what became of this romantic journey.  Well, unlike most fairytales, this story didn’t have the happy ending that little girls dream of (or massage parlors promise).  However, it did have the life lessons that grow sweet little girls into strong wise women.  In short, what some might have chocked up to be a trip from hell, I was able to extract some very, very important universal truths.  I didn’t fall in love with a handsome French man.  I didn’t buy the perfect vintage coat in Le Marais.  I didn’t even see the top of the Eiffel Tower though it was quite literally a baguette’s distance away.

People then ask, “Well, what did you do?” and I can’t really answer that.  There was no Mona Lisa at the Louvre, I never ate escargot.  I didn’t lock away my love on the Pont des Arts.  I did have lunch at Colette, drank champagne while chatting up a couple of artists at Cafe de Flore, and took a spin on La Grande Roue de Paris.  I made new friends, I reconnected with some I had lost touch with.  Most importantly, I was smacked in the face with my own little life lesson: if you don’t take the wheel, someone else most certainly will.

When you board a bullet train, keep in mind it can be derailed just as quickly as it can get you to your destination.  My friend arrived on the morning of my birthday.  We started the day off without sleeping and a bottle of champagne (champagne tastes better on an empty stomach).  By the end of the day, we had a cute French boy singing “Happy Birthday” (Joyeux Anniversaire) with his guitar and buying me a birthday card from a pharmacie with an age on it that might not be my own.  The evening included dinner at L’Avenue (which we lucked into as we hadn’t made an earlier reservation and Paris was still empty) and cocktails (read: more champagne) at Le Bar du Plaza Athénée.  There was no cake, there was no singing and this was the beginning and prologue to a very long week.

To fit all that occurred into one or two more paragraphs would not do the journey justice and ironically, some parts of my personal life should probably stay private.  A few notable moments did include spontaneously regaining a grasp of my French, learning that you can bring your dog just about anywhere (including the grocery store), champagne showers at couture week after parties at Hotel Costes, and actually losing weight while eating bread.  By the end of the week, I was exhausted both physically and emotionally.  The universe did me a solid by canceling my flight home due to Juno (sorry, New York) allowing me a few more days in Paris on my own.  While the only physical souvenirs I arrived home with were some French books from the airport and sweets to share with friends at home, the real gifts were the lessons I learned about myself.  (And Hemingway was right).

I didn’t go to Paris with someone I love as I’d always imagined, but there are some mornings I find myself longing to awake in the golden morning light of that magical city.

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why did kirsten smith blog parisRomper: Cameo the Label Man Down Romper, Tights: Emilio Cavallini, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: Malini Murjani, similar by Salvatore Ferragamo here, Lips: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural in No. 50 Aubergine

Why Did You Wear That: A Day at the Office

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daisy fuentes kohls nyc whydidWorking from home has its obvious perks.  Wine for breakfast, dog friendly, flexible work hours, pajamas welcome.  Though fewer, it also has its downfalls.  One of which I’m convinced I’ve contracted called “agoraphobia.”  Another, though disguised as an upside, is never really needing to put on pants.  Without the need to put on clothing that doesn’t include elastane in the fiber contents, it’s fairly easy to overlook your ever growing waistline.  Also, there are those times when my job does require me to interact with other humans and show face in professional work environments and that’s about the time I shift into a near panic attack as I stare into the abyss of my closet.  What the hell do people wear to work?  Are crop tops considered business casual?  What if I wear one with a blazer?

When I received this ponté fit and flare dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s, I knew immediately that it was the perfect option for these terrorizing occasions.  Never again would I break into a sweat before a business meeting because this curve hugging, office appropriate dress is the perfect combination of classic and cool.  With a few added accessories like a studded belt, leather jacket, and strappy pumps, I felt professional without being overly prissy.  At this rate, I may have to get a desk job.

(P.S. you’re welcome, RKF.  I’ll happily take a cut of the commission earned from this post).

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new york city street style why did you wear that kirsten smithdress: c/o Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s, belt: DVF, similar by B-Low the Belt here, shoes: Sam Edelman, jacket: Marc New York, bag: Balenciaga, lipcolor: Clinique Different Lipstick in Angel Red





Photos by Michael Stiegler

Why Did You Wear That: …Try Try Again (the Saga Continues)

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kirsten smith blogcontinued from yesterday… 

That Friday I met one of my best girlfriends for lunch at Morandi followed by a stroll through Soho to pick out the perfect dress for my perfect first date with my dually proclaimed “perfect fit.”  My go to for a first date involving dinner is something form fitting- suggestive enough, but leaving plenty to the imagination.  It’s like dating- don’t give it all up at once.  I already had an idea in my head and found something that fit the bill fairly quickly.  When I came out of the dressing room to gain approval from my friend and anyone else I could ask, the sales associate informed me that the dress could be spun around so the opening was in front.  Sold.  I probably wouldn’t expose my midriff during a first date (shocking, coming from the queen of crop tops), but how much fun would it be to go to the bathroom and return with the dress reversed?  Answer: Very.

It had been quite some time since I’d actually cared enough to purchase something new for a dude.  Typically on a first date, I’ll strategically wear red lipstick to send the surefire signal that there is absolutely no shot in hell that his tongue will ever know what my molars feel like.  Ever.  But in this instance, he was not only worth a new dress, but also new shoes.  In my mind, it was bashert.  And sure this sounds like it’s all about to end happily ever after, but what fun would that be and I’m sorry, have we met?

A couple of hours before I was to meet my future man friend for dinner at Narcissa, my illness or antibiotics sent me into a tailspin and I knew that I was certainly in no shape to be sitting at dinner spreading germs to my fellow diners.  Besides, this also meant I should not be kissing anyone but Smitty and that was going to be far too difficult.  As to not be selfish, I called to cancel.  I was almost shocked at how understanding he was, but we spent the rest of the evening texting about our would be date.  On Saturday, he called to check on the sickling.  We talked for a while and I assured him we would see each other soon enough.

Then a funny thing happened… I didn’t hear from him again.  Turns out, New York dating is a lot like New York real estate.  You wait too long to put in an offer and someone else will scoop it up.  I haven’t decided whether I’m on or off the market again, but I suppose I’ll entertain any interesting offers.

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kirsten smith nyc night6dress: Wilfred Free, jacket: DVF, shoes: Sam Edelman, bag: Malini Murjani 



Why Did or Why Don’t: Giving ‘Em the Slip

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slip on sneakersNow that we’ve basically kicked that whole wedge sneaker trend, celebrities, who have always been big fans of comfortable footwear, are gravitating towards a shoe that seems to be a hybrid between the classic flat and a comfortable sneaker.  The slip on is essentially what it would look like if a ballet flat had one too many martinis and woke up next to a tennis shoe… nine months later.  A style of shoe made most popular by skateboarders sporting Vans all over Southern California in the 1970’s, the casual shoe has been reinvented by designer brands like Saint LaurentGivenchy and Prada.  While the feel is definitely a bit more downtown, I get the feeling even uptown girls will be heading to Barney’s to shop the look.

slip ons

1. Sam Edelman Becker Slip On, 2. Steve Madden Ecentric Pony Hair Flat, 3. Rachel Zoe Barney Slip On Sneakers, 4. United Nude Elastic Slip On Sneaker, 5. Dolce Vita Zoren Haircalf Slip On Sneakers, 6. Via Spiga Galant Sneaker, 7. Rivieras Lord Acid Woven Faux Leather Slip Ons, 8. Joie Kidmore Slip On Sneakers, 9. Vince Preston Slip On Sneaker, 10. Vans He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Slip On Sneaker, 11. Rag & Bone Kent Suede Slip On Sneakers

So, while they are definitely an upgrade to the normal commuter sneaker, will you be buying into this trend?




Why Did You Wear That: Summer Skimming

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Okay, so you couldn’t track down those Chanel espadrilles that every blogger under the sun has been spotted sporting, or maybe you couldn’t fathom throwing down upwards of $400 on summer flats.  Perhaps, like me, you prefer to stand out rather than blend in with the masses.  In any case, this summer’s perfect flat to run around town (or the boardwalk) in is the flat espadrille.  A welcome change (for me, at least) from the standard ballet flat, a lifesaver in between pedicures, and a more polished option than flip flops, it’s time for you to grab a pair or two of your own.  Check out the pair above that I procured (and posted on my Instagram) for summer skimming.

flat espadrilles1. Stella McCartney Neon Mesh Espadrilles, 2. Missoni Dotted Espadrilles, 3. Christian Louboutin Galia Striped Canvas Espadrilles, 4. Sam Edelman Lindsey Studded Espadrille, 5. Ecote Classic Espadrille Skimmer, 6. L’Espadrille Tropezienne Mutlicolor Espadrilles, 7. Soludos Ombre Rainbow Espadrille, 8. Giambattista Valli Leopard Espadrilles