Why Did or Why Don’t: Man Bun in the Oven

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men-hairbun-high copyThis summer, men took accessorizing one step further by donning what we now know as the “man bun.”  And while I do have a healthy portion of male readers (God bless you analytics), I will not take the blame (or credit- depending on your stance) for the trend just because I’ve made more than one brilliant top knot tutorial (you can learn “how to” here and here).  For the past decade or so, men hadn’t had much wiggle room when it came to socially acceptable hairdos.  There’s been the classic buzz cut, the Bieber bob, and that whole spiky gelled situation that ruined shams worldwide.  And let’s just be thankful we all survived the “faux hawk.”

While the ponytail is nothing new (hello, Karl Lagerfeld), men decided that wasn’t good enough and began piling their locks on their heads way atop or grazing the napes of their necks, real estate formerly reserved for sweet nuzzles from their beloveds.  I’m not sure who can specifically be appointed as the official firestarter of this follicle free for all, but I think Colin Farrell was one of the male topknot pioneers.  To be fair, average citizens started sporting it well before it became mainstream.  I had an ex-boyfriend several years ago who began experimenting with the trend.  Granted, he also thought waking up and drinking the leftover beer on his nightstand from the night before was par for the course.  In any case, this hair-rowing (see what I did there?) hairstyle has taken over from east to west coast, north to south.  There are several blogs dedicated solely to the praise of ballerina buns fit for Baryshnikov (exhibit A and exhibit B) and The Awl even created a brilliant collection of the male topknot in its natural habitat.

celebrity man bunsMuch like the beard bubble was predicted to pop (and has yet to do so as late adopters are STILL jumping on the bearded bandwagon), the man bun would appear to have a shelf life itself.  Interestingly enough, it seems that the topknot and beard are not mutually exclusive and often worn in tandem.  All this hair has me asking a lot of questions though.  Many men claim to be the superior sex, but I’m beginning to sense a trend.  It started with our eyeliner and skinny jeans then men began eying our tank tops and now they’re angling for our hair ties?  And if you’re in a couple this also leads to a lot of financial hurdles.  Can we afford to double up on deep conditioners?  Do we need to own one flatiron or two?  Won’t our shower drain clog twice as fast?

So with the imminent onslaught of snow, will these top knot wearing gents be forced to concede their coifs once they realize a bun looks more like a goiter under a beanie?  Or will ear muffs have a renaissance for men?  As I typed this, a shiver went down my spine as I realized that the knitted headband or even a turban may not be off limits to a man who has mastered the art of bobbi pins.  I’d be lying if I didn’t get a little hot and bothered collecting visual aids for this post, but I really want to know your thoughts.




Friday Frocks: Get Down with Gatsby

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Fact: you will be invited to a Gatsby themed party this summer.  So, you better be ready to dress the part.  Turns out Ricky’s doesn’t carry costumes in a bag all year round.  The horror!    How will you achieve the look without being completely in costume?  Channel your Daisy with dropped waists, sequins, feathers and flapper-esque details in dresses like the ones below.

1. Marchesa Tiered Tassel Cocktail Dress, 2. Milly Lisette Polka Dot Tulle Dress, 3. Haute Hippie Beaded Roses Dolman Mini Dress, 4. Rag & Bone Violette Tiered Dress, 5. Notte by Marchesa Sequin and Feather Embellished Dress, 6. Parker Hayden Dress, 7. Milly Chevron Tulle Dress, 8. Bless’d Are the Meek The Light Peplum Dress, 9. By Malene Birger Wasuinia Feather and Sequin Dress, 10. Candela Dixie Dress

Go ‘head, girl, go ‘head get down.



Setting the Mood: Don’t be a Tragedy

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The Great Gatsby is considered one of the best literary works of the 20th century.  (If you haven’t read it, you really should– don’t wait for the movie remake with Leo– that’s cheating).  It’s also often cited as inspiration for parties, weddings, even runway collections.  While there is no denying the glamour that was the roaring 20’s, it seems that perhaps we’ve forgotten what a tragic story The Great Gatsby really is.  Sure Gatsby threw one heck of a party, but let’s remember (SPOILER ALERT) that this romanticized tale ends in multiple deaths and a suicide.  So, next time you’re looking to throw a theme party full of old world glitz, perhaps you should just notate the attire as “Roaring 20’s” rather than “Gatsby.”  The clothes were fabulous.  The plotline?  Tragic.



Hat: Stella McCartney Wool-Felt Cloche, $325

Dress: Temperley Serafina Gown, $2,720

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Embellished Flats, $650



Would You Wednesday: Picture Phone Peekaboo

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As many of you have probably read, another young starlet has a “nude photo scandal.”  The lovely Blake Lively of Gossip Girl fame allegedly has some leaked naughty nude photos running rampant via the web.  Her reps were quick to deny they were Blake (shocker), but the resemblance is uncanny.

A couple of things: 1. If I was Blake, I’d claim that body.  Don’t care whose it is- Yowza! 2. If this is not, in fact, Blake, I trust that the fine folks over at Victoria’s Secret/Sports Illustrated, are on the hunt for the young lady who this bodacious bod belongs to.

Okay, so back to the real topic at hand.  When the hell are girls (especially those of the celebrity species) going to learn?  If you take naked pics and send them to your beau du jour, at some point in time an unintended audience will probably be fortunate enough to enjoy your nekkid body.  Now, (Dad- earmuffs), I have sent some racy photos to a significant other before… And while I do wish this fella was no longer in possession of said sexy photos, they weren’t something I’m morbidly ashamed of.  That said- I would NOT want the entire world to see them.  I take care of my body and would like to keep its splendor strictly reserved for my future hubs and my best gal pals (not modest, kids).  If I wanted the entire planet to see all my nooks and crannies, I’d just do a spread in Playboy.  At least I’d get paid…

So what do you think? Yay or nay to nudie photos?





Photos via The Superficial