1920 flapper inspiration mood boardThere’s a reason that the 1920’s seem to be cited as inspiration for so many parties, weddings, and celebrations.  There’s also a reason I’ve already used this time period and novel turned movie as inspiration.  (Spoiler alert: don’t click if you haven’t read the book.  Seriously, you haven’t read the book?).  The post World War I, prohibition era was a period of time where excess, glamour, and any good reason to kick up your heels ruled and no one made any apologies about it.  Our generation seems to wax poetic of this time and from a fashion standpoint, I can see why.  Finger waves, rising hemlines, and the transition from strict conservatism (hello, sportswear) all emerged along with advances in closures (hook and eyes, zippers, snaps) and fabric (rayon).  With the release of  The Great Gatsby next month, there’s sure to be an onslaught of 20’s themed summer soirees.  So, start channeling your inner Daisy ahead of time.

Deepa Gurnani Scalloped Headband, Skaist-Taylor Cropped Mongolian Lamb Jacket, Club Monaco Bridget Feather Skirt,Reed Krakoff Leather, Mesh, and Feather Sandals

Now, go read the book.  You’ve still got time.