Fact: you will be invited to a Gatsby themed party this summer.  So, you better be ready to dress the part.  Turns out Ricky’s doesn’t carry costumes in a bag all year round.  The horror!    How will you achieve the look without being completely in costume?  Channel your Daisy with dropped waists, sequins, feathers and flapper-esque details in dresses like the ones below.

1. Marchesa Tiered Tassel Cocktail Dress, 2. Milly Lisette Polka Dot Tulle Dress, 3. Haute Hippie Beaded Roses Dolman Mini Dress, 4. Rag & Bone Violette Tiered Dress, 5. Notte by Marchesa Sequin and Feather Embellished Dress, 6. Parker Hayden Dress, 7. Milly Chevron Tulle Dress, 8. Bless’d Are the Meek The Light Peplum Dress, 9. By Malene Birger Wasuinia Feather and Sequin Dress, 10. Candela Dixie Dress

Go ‘head, girl, go ‘head get down.