How To Tuesday: Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

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DIY flower crown kirsten smithA few weeks ago, I celebrated a pretty special birthday.  If you know me or have been reading for a while, you know that not only do I love birthdays, I love a good “prop” for an evening out.  So, for my birthday, I wanted to come up with a fun and festive way to decorate ourselves as well as the table (much like the light up centerpieces).  Seeing as we were told at one establishment, “It’s not that kind of place,” while wearing our glow rings, I needed to come up with something that was not only awesome, but also appropriate.  We didn’t need to be scolded on my birthday of all days.  What I came up with is what I am now deeming the modern day adult tiara.  You see, I have a real issue with girls wearing cheesy plastic crowns out on the town… I even threatened to disown my girlfriends if they dared try and put me in one for my bachelorette party.  However, every girl should feel like a princess on her birthday and the flower crown is the perfect way to look like an angel rather than an asshole.

It’s actually a lot simpler to do than one might think.  You only need a few things to get started:

And should you opt for fresh flowers instead of fake, you can still take the same approach, just be sure to take it easy when manhandling the buds as it will bruise and brown them.

You don’t need to go to San Francisco to wear flowers in your hair.



Setting the Mood: Hut, Set, Who Cares…

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what to wear to the superbowlWhether you like it or not, the Super Bowl cometh.  I’m on team “Or not.”  Doesn’t matter which team you’re rooting for… hold on… had to ask who’s playing… be it San Francisco or Baltimore, you will have to come to terms with the fact that 90+% of the American male population will be glued to the TV come Sunday and you can either book that weekend away with the girls, or get on board with the boys.  I’m on hold with the Four Seasons as we speak, but should you find yourself stuck at a pigskin party, you may as well get in the spirit of the game.  That would require one to dress the part.  Don’t bother wasting your time with heels, but please, heaven almighty, don’t be that girl wearing a football jersey.  Another option that gives the illusion you care?  Wear a cute and cozy top in your team’s color(s).  Should you despise both teams, just wear black or a color that has absolutely nothing to do with the game… like pink.  Distressed denim, designer sneaks, and a whistle accessory just for fun will complete your game day getup.

superbowl clothing colors what to wear Splendid Cotton Modal Jersey Top, $50, Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans, $198, Agent Provocateur Crystal Whistle Necklace, $330, Burberry High Top Leather Sneakers, $425, Vince Double V Tee, $62.50

Someone pass me the queso.



WhyDid Wisdom: City Girl in the Suburbs

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city girl in the suburbsA couple of years ago, I was itching to make my final exodus from New York City.  You see, we’ve had a fairly emotionally abusive relationship.  When it was good, it  was a twenty-four hour honeymoon, but when it was bad, I wanted a divorce.  The things I once loved became those that I loathed.  The city will beat you down and bring you to your knees and when you’re just about to give up, Spring arrives and you are reminded, once again, why it is you fell in love with this glorious city in the first place.

I never even wanted to live in New York.  As a matter of fact, I was certain that when I graduated from college I’d be on my way to sunny California.  But Dame Nature (that silly bitch) had other plans and in a twist of fate, I landed an internship at Escada my junior year of college.  One summer in the big city and I was sold.  California who?

You see, New York is the type of place that you either love of hate, sink or swim.  If you happen to be one of the ones who loves it, it gets under your skin and there is no way to shake it.  Ever.  Any other city is second rate.  While Los Angeles has the sunshine, it’ll never compare.  Sorry, San Francisco, you’re a beautiful city, but you’ll just never do.  There is one city that reigns supreme… and that’s the Big Apple- despite all its flaws.

Well, a couple of years ago, New York and I had a trial separation.  I left the bright lights, tall buildings, and bad attitudes for the other coast.  I thought I was ready for a quiet, “normal”, simple life.  I thought I was done with New York.  It was great to give Smitty a yard and a place to stretch his furry little legs.  I enjoyed living in a space larger than a walk-in closet.  I wanted to love it.  I tried to love it, but there was nothing for me to do.  I was completely unstimulated.  I had no friends and no common interests with anyone I met.  I found that I got enraged by people who had no clue what The Met is and no interest in finding out.  I couldn’t take seeing one more person wearing Patagonia and the straw that broke the camel’s back was when I realized I hadn’t worn heels in six months.  I was a square peg trying to live my life in a round hole.  I gave it a shot, but finally came to terms that I was trying to live a life that wasn’t for me.  Besides, we all have done crazy things for love.

I realized that a place that may feel scary and overwhelming to some, felt safe and familiar to me.  Another girl could be writing this same post saying that she hates the city and she finds it to be dirty, loud, and abrasive.  It isn’t about which is better: the city or the suburbs.  It’s all about finding the place that fits and feels like home.

Mama, I’m coming home.



Weekend Playlist: City by the Bay

By |October 8th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

When you think about rock bands and music scenes, You probably think Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, perhaps Detroit.  San Francisco most likely isn’t the first place that comes to mind (chocolate, yes… bridges yes).  But alas, we cannot forget that whole hippie dippie Summer of Love movement during the 60’s.  And while, San Fran isn’t currently the hot bed of band breeding, it did produce some pretty noteworthy musicians.

  1. Chris Isaaks – Wicked Games
  2. Steve Miller Band – The Joker
  3. Journey – Any Way You Want It
  4. E-40 – Mr. Flamboyant
  5. Grateful Dead – Truckin’
  6. Santana – Evil Ways
  7. Counting Crows – Round Here
  8. Third Eye Blind – Jumper
  9. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
  10. Train – Hey Soul Sister
Peace & Love.

Setting the Mood: Greyscale

By |October 3rd, 2011|Setting the Mood|

It’s not true what they say.  It does rain in California.  Especially, Northern California.  Today it has rained all day.  I can’t lie though.  Rain is sometimes a welcome change.  The whole cheerful kingdom thing can get old and makes me long for a little grey weather.  A little reality.  I enjoy the rain so much that I actually waited to go for a run until it started raining.  A neighbor stopped me cause he was worried about my well being, but I let him know that I was enjoying the downpour.  I know.  How very emo/hipster of me.  There’s just something refreshing about it.  You don’t have to feel guilty about holing up for the day and indulging in a book or comfort food.  That said… let’s hope the sun comes out tomorrow.



Bag: Victoria Beckham Shopper Tote, $2,700

Umbrella: Marc by Marc Jacobs Panther Print Mini Umbrella, $60

Coat: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Oversized Wool-blend Coat, $605