what to wear to the superbowlWhether you like it or not, the Super Bowl cometh.  I’m on team “Or not.”  Doesn’t matter which team you’re rooting for… hold on… had to ask who’s playing… be it San Francisco or Baltimore, you will have to come to terms with the fact that 90+% of the American male population will be glued to the TV come Sunday and you can either book that weekend away with the girls, or get on board with the boys.  I’m on hold with the Four Seasons as we speak, but should you find yourself stuck at a pigskin party, you may as well get in the spirit of the game.  That would require one to dress the part.  Don’t bother wasting your time with heels, but please, heaven almighty, don’t be that girl wearing a football jersey.  Another option that gives the illusion you care?  Wear a cute and cozy top in your team’s color(s).  Should you despise both teams, just wear black or a color that has absolutely nothing to do with the game… like pink.  Distressed denim, designer sneaks, and a whistle accessory just for fun will complete your game day getup.

superbowl clothing colors what to wear Splendid Cotton Modal Jersey Top, $50, Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans, $198, Agent Provocateur Crystal Whistle Necklace, $330, Burberry High Top Leather Sneakers, $425, Vince Double V Tee, $62.50

Someone pass me the queso.