It’s not true what they say.  It does rain in California.  Especially, Northern California.  Today it has rained all day.  I can’t lie though.  Rain is sometimes a welcome change.  The whole cheerful kingdom thing can get old and makes me long for a little grey weather.  A little reality.  I enjoy the rain so much that I actually waited to go for a run until it started raining.  A neighbor stopped me cause he was worried about my well being, but I let him know that I was enjoying the downpour.  I know.  How very emo/hipster of me.  There’s just something refreshing about it.  You don’t have to feel guilty about holing up for the day and indulging in a book or comfort food.  That said… let’s hope the sun comes out tomorrow.



Bag: Victoria Beckham Shopper Tote, $2,700

Umbrella: Marc by Marc Jacobs Panther Print Mini Umbrella, $60

Coat: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Oversized Wool-blend Coat, $605