Weekend Playlist: Love You Like a Love Song

By |February 11th, 2012|Weekend Playlist|

cassette tape

If you aren’t a part of the “I Hate Love” Club,  it’s quite possible that you love a good love song.  Cheesy, yes, but these saccharin sweet ditties will have you bouncing in your seat in no time.

Valentine's Playlist

Much love.



Would You Wednesday: Rockin’ Bobbin’

By |December 14th, 2011|Beauty Buzz, Why Did or Why Don't?|

Recently Katy Perry chopped her locks and lightened her heinous pink hue.  In my opinion, this is the look she should have gone with in the first place.  While I’m not into the whole Strawberry Shortcake haircolor trend, I do think that IF you are… this is the way to go about it.  It’s fun.  It’s subtle.  It’s something only a platinum selling pop star could pull off.  She looks kinda fab, right?

The bob was first made popular in the 1920’s by actresses Colleen Moore and Louise Brooks.  The cut was considered a bold statement of “independence” as girls in the West had historically all had long, quite coiffed tresses.  It became more accepted as women’s long hair interfered with their work during the World War.  The popularity of the bob was reignited once again in the 1960’s by Vidal Sassoon.  The look has stuck around since then in modified versions.

Many a stylish celebrity has shorn her long locks for a bolder, more blunt bob. From Rihanna, to Kate Bosworth, to Victoria Beckham… and even more famously Anna Wintour, these ladies have highlighted their striking facial features with this sleek cut.  So, would you trade in your long locks for a brazen bob?



Weekend Playlist: Heartbreak Hotel

By |November 19th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

It has come to my attention that there are two very distinct times of year when a lot of hearts are broken and left shattered.  One of those times would be late spring, heading into summer- which is quite self explanatory (um, bikini clad beach babes?).  The other is right around this time of year during the holidays.  One would think that as the temperatures drop, you’d want a warm body to keep you company, but when you think about it, the holidays put quite a bit of pressure on relationships.  There are presents to be bought, families to be met, and trips to be taken.  During the make or break time in fledgling relationships, some will flourish while others will fail.  Don’t count your tears though… count the dollars you’ll be saving by not buying that bum a gift!

While some studies suggest a good cry isn’t healthy, I like to wallow in my pain.  So if you’re an emotional cutter like me, here’s a playlist that will help you do just that.

Check out time is noon.



Weekend Playlist: On the Open Road

By |November 5th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

When the weather turns cold, but before the holidays, there is only a little bit of time before you can sneak away and hit the open road.  Well, I am doing just that.  A girlfriend and I are hopping in the car and going on a girls’ adventure allllll the way down to the most southern point of the United States.  Don’t know where that is?  Probably should look it up.



Weekend Playlist: Fright Night Car and Automobile Day

By |October 29th, 2011|Weekend Playlist|

Seeing as Halloween falls on a Monday this year … lame… most people will be taking full advantage of the entire weekend to really spook it up.  And while you may not be hitting up the hottest cluuuuurb this year, you’ll probably attend some type of Halloween fete.  Perhaps, if you’re a really ambitious, you’ll actually be the one throwing said soiree.  You’ve thought of everything from eyeball ice cubes to black martinis but have you even taken a moment to consider a hauntingly hip playlist?  No?  You were too busy making pina ghouladas?  That’s fine.  I’ve gone ahead and done it for you.  You owe me.

 Happy haunting.

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