WhyDid Wisdom: Own It, Guuuuuuuuurrrrl.

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The other day, someone asked me how old Ke$ha is and I didn’t know. So, of course, I had to look it up (I hate not knowing). While I found out that Kesha Rose Sebert is a mere 24 years old, I also learned some other fun facts about her. Kesha was raised by a single mother who was just barely able to get by. Kesha’s upbringing was so meager that the family relied on welfare and foodstamps for a period of time.  As I kept reading Kesha’s Wikipedia entry, I became more and more intrigued by her. I hadn’t really felt one way or the other about her until I realized that Kesha is not only smarter than she lets on, but she owns who she is and where she came from.  She’s strange, vulgar, and a little bit off her rocker, but all of those things make her who she is.

This, of course, got me to thinking.  Not many people are very comfortable with who they are.  It seems now that our culture is obsessed with being “fabulous” and keeping up the “right” appearance.  Our generation has racked up billions in credit card debt trying to “pop bottles” and wear the right shoes, right bags, right jeans. We want to drive the right cares and live in the right zip code. I just have one question: who’s to say what’s “right”?

Thanks to reality shows and people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian who are rich and famous for no good reason, people everywhere are just chasing the dream.  Heaven forbid you work hard to earn your living.  We are all pretending we’re on an episode of MTV Cribs or something.  Why can’t we just be happy with what we already have rather than maxing out the plastic trying to buy new identities? I have news for you. You aren’t Lauren Conrad and this isn’t The Hills.

When people ask me where I’m from, I tell them Wheeling, West Virginia. Glamorous? No. But I am proud of it and it’s part of who I am. Believe it or not, most people (who realize that West Virginia is actually a state and not just the western part of Virginia- see diagram below) are intrigued and start asking lots of questions.

It took a while for me to learn to accept all of the things that society tells me aren’t ideal about myself.  I’m never going to look like Marisa Miller, I probably will never own my own jet, and not even autotune is going to land me a hit single.  My brother, who is an artist, once told me I had a good face for painting because it is “unique.”  Before I could smack him, he explained that people with perfectly symmetrical faces are less interesting and easily forgettable.  Why do you think the world was so outraged when Jennifer Grey got a nose job? Same thing with Ashley Tisdale. Sometimes, the things that are “wrong” with us are the things that people find most interesting and attractive.  Everyone is trying to so hard to be different, yet trying to fit in one mold.

If everyone was the same- looked the same, liked the same things, dressed the same, had the same beliefs, the world would be an incredibly mundane place. So, instead of trying to change all of your so called flaws, why  not embrace them? Own it, girl.



I’m on Vacation… Except Not Really

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So, as you may have noticed, WhyDid has just reached a landmark of both 500 posts along with a second birthday. While it may appear that I partied too hard in celebration of such momentous events and didn’t bother posting today due to the hangover from said partying… you’d be wrong. I just decided to take a miniature mental vacation. After spending the past five days in Monterey visiting family and spending quality Thanksgiving family time, my head hurts. I also think I’m getting sick. Hey, it’s cold up there!

Couple that with trying to pick a wedding date/venue, arrange a trip to NY to capture my dream dress/move out of my apartment there, juggle family Christmas time, and plan a festive New Year’s Ever. My brain is fried. Do you know how mentally strenuous trying to arrange friends and estranged family members into a cohesive seating chart is? Wedding planning is hard work, folks!

So, while I lay in bed today, eating pasta, collecting bed sores, and discussing how thin Marisa Miller is, I decided that I did not, in fact, feel like writing a blog post let alone, actually getting out of bed today other than to retrieve Sour Patch Kids and cranberry juice.  It also became abundantly clear, that if I were to be an animal, it would most likely be a three toed sloth. I’ve been told I “lack a sense of urgency” so that sounds about right.

Anyway, this week is just going to have to be a day behind. I’m moving at a sloth’s pace and it feels great. So, sit tight, and we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program shortly. In the meantime, do not forget to vote for WhyDid’s favorite outfit winner:




Why Did You Wear That: Suit Up

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In case you weren’t already aware, I’m a swimsuit aficionado. I own more bikinis than most Hawaiians and I wish I had more reasons to wear them. (hint, hint, fellas).

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about swimsuit season as I am though. Last year, I gave some tips on how to find the right bikini so let’s go ahead and revisit those really quickly and then I’m going to add some more rules to help guide you to looking like Brooklyn Decker on the cover of SI. (Well, keep your top on).

  • First, you need to take a good look in the mirror and determine your body type. What part of your body do you love and want to emphasize? What parts are not your favorite?
  • Get a bathing suit that is flattering on YOU. Don’t grab one because you saw it on someone else or it is trendy. Bathing suits are a personal thing and just because Marisa Miller looked hot in it, doesn’t mean you will (I know, we all want to look like her).
  • Thongs are either meant to be worn under your clothes or on your feet. Please do not wear thong bikinis. There is the TINIEST percentage of the population that looks good in them (mostly based in Brazil). You are more than likely not one of them.
  • Speedos are not cute. Ever. It’s a swimwear version of leggings as pants.
  • Get waxed. WhyInGayHell did it, so can you. No one wants to see your burning bush. Promise.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Switch it up. Go ahead and wear a top from one bathing suit with the bottom of another. Just make sure they do coordinate in some way (i.e. same color family, complimentary colors).
  • Guys- your shorts shouldn’t be super baggy, and they also shouldn’t be super short. Aim for right around the top of the knee. Also… lay off the crazy flower patterns and flames. Simple is good.
  • Hit the gym. Not only is it good for your health, it’s good for my eyes. You want to look like a well oiled machine when you’re splashing in the sea. Flab is in no way fab.

Trouble with the Tush?

Maya makes a great bikini that is incredibly flattering on the derriere. They have added a little cinching on the back so that it gives your booty more definition. They also aren’t large bottoms, which goes along with my guidelines for good fitting bikinis.

C29B36-431_medMaya Signature Cut and Triangle top in Cherry Coral, $185

Tata Trauma?

If you’re looking for a little more up top, try to get something with embellishment or ruffles, or pattern.


OndadeMar Girly Ruffle Bikini, $144

Does your cup runneth over? The key is support, support, support!

6559Becca Bungalow Bandeau Top, $80, bottom, $64

Tummy Terrors?

I’m not the BIGGEST fan of this new “high waisted bikini” thing, but I do get where it could be helpful for some. This is a good way to make your trouble zone look a little slimmer.

17594086_060_aFree People Printed High Waist bikini, $198

Hopefully this will put you at ease while swimsuit shopping. Vacations are meant to be fun and this carries over to your swimwear. Now go grab a cocktail and trashy novel and soak up the sun.



Why Did You Wear That: Grammy’s Gone Wild

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After getting love drunk with Lady Gaga and Elton John’s epic performance kicking of this year’s Grammy’s, the rest of the show just felt like a hangover.

lady-gaga-2I rarely do a red carpet wrap up for award shows because I usually find them so predictable and basically boring (and every other blog on the planet does them). However, there is something about the Grammy’s that brings all the crazies out- and I love every last second of it. This year was no different. There was good, bad, and most certainly ugly.  It’s just a matter of deciding where, oh where, I shall begin…


Oh, Katy Perry. You’re as good a place as any. I used to find you kind of adorable, and would at times chock your funny attire up to you being “quirky.”  But, due to your recent engagement to Russell Brand, I’m starting to think you’re just insane. What’s with that bindi on your forehead? Are you trying to blend into your heinous dress? That looks to me like one of those creepy stick on bath mats you use to prevent yourself from biting it while shaving in the shower. Ick.


Heidi Klum… don’t mind if I do. Hey Katy, wanna wear nude and sequins? This is how it’s done. This is the type of dress I pine over and wish I had in my closet for New Year’s and birthdays. She’s a golden goddess. Heidi, if you’d like me to take this dress off your hands (not like you can wear it again anyway), I will try and find some room for it in my closet…


No, you’re not hallucinating (like you were during the MJ tribute performance. Hey CBS, thanks for the head’s up that we’d need to bring along our 3D glasses to watch the show).  This is really Snooki from Jersey Shore. No, I don’t know how she managed to get in and Guiliana Rancic didn’t. Between her ski jacket, pink sunnies, and ginormous Coach bag, she’s sealed her fashion fate. Fail.


Fergie is looking delish in this cobalt blue mini. She and Snooks might be the same size, but she has made herself look long and lean by keeping it simple and sexy. I’m not 100% in love with that silver “snake” detail, but she still looks gorge.


Oh dear heavens! The Abominable Snowman is apparently up for a Grammy. Oh… wait, that’s Rihanna and apparently she’s had an issue with the TP in the bathroom. Rihanna is a beautiful girl, but this get up does absolutely nothing for her. A shorter hemline or a lower neckline would have balanced her out and made her look less like a snow ball and more like the belle of the ball.


Marisa Miller is white hot. It may not be the most creative or high fashion ensemble, but homegirl is aware of her assets and how to play them up. She kept it simple, chic, and sexy so we can focus on her gorgeous bod, hair, and face.


For once second, let’s pretend she’s NOT wearing a glitter wig. This dress… while it is interesting, it just isn’t fun or flattering. It’s flesh colored and skin tight. It could have possibly worked in a different hue and if she had piled her hair up on in a carefree updo. Not to mention that the particular shade of her “hair” and her dark brows really clash with this neutral dress.


Now this is how a neutral dress is done! Well played, Keri Hilson. It is incredibly well fitted and accentuates her curves in all the right places. She looks like a delicious dessert and I wanna take a bite!


Ciara, Ciara, Ciara… This hurts me because you were so charming in your red carpet interview with E!.  Why oh why do you insist on wearing creepy outfits like this?  It’s not flattering, it’s not attractive, and honestly, you’re not wearing pants. You said this was a “jumpsuit” but I’m going to call bullshit. I can see your thighs. Your skin and makeup was so beautiful, but I’m so distracted by your doily pants, that I can’t appreciate it.


Carrie Underwood is always a class act. She looks beautiful and elegant in this flowy white gown.  The only thing that irks me is her “mom” hairdo. You’re still young. Let your locks grow.  You can wear this do’ when you’re 40.


How sequins should not be done. I’m too exhausted by his jacket to even get into the faded ripped (probably True Religion) jeans that he’s wearing. I can’t.


How sequins should be done. This was an amazing shade for Taylor. It’s a great alternative to black and is gorgeous on her skin tone. The neck line is debatable and honestly, I would love it if Taylor would get some highlights. This is what my hair would look like if I decided to go ahead and quit getting it done. She needs to hightail it over to Ryan Darius for some sun kissed streaks and a “paddy cake” curl tutorial!


Oh, I’m sorry, Kesha, are you DRUNK? While delivering your lines this evening, I wondered if you were even speaking English. I’m going to assume you were also drunk when you got dressed. I get it. You’re “weird” and “off the wall.”  But honestly, if you’re going to be “zany,” go all out.


Speaking of off the wall, here is Lady Gaga giving it to us like she always does.  She never, ever disappoints and I wonder if she will ever run out of ideas for her crazy paparazzi ready outfits. We had a couple of ideas about this one- one being that she is, in fact, the universe (holding the star) and we are just living in it (her yellow hair being the sun).  The other is that she is Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Thoughts?


Another one who never fails to disappoint? The one, the only, Britney Spears.  Does she share a stylist with Ciara? Cause she is also not wearing any pants.  At what point do you think she decided it would be a good idea to just wear her gurdle with a shear slip over top?

All in all, the Grammy’s were pretty entertaining. Like I said, it was good, bad, and oh-so ugly. We saw some amazing performances from Lady Gaga, Pink, Taylor Swift with Stevie Nicks. We also saw Jamie Fox act like an ass and Eminem appear from nowhere. Most importantly, we saw some really bad fashion that left us wondering, “Why did you wear that?”