When I wrote my first post two years ago, I had very little knowledge of blogging, but had quite a bit to say. I started writing as a creative outlet as a disgruntled employee crunching numbers on excel sheets and placing re-orders on Hanky Panky thongs.  Originally, I had wanted this blog to be completely anonymous so that I could simply talk about tragic wardrobe malfunctions without suffering any backlash. In reality, I had no idea (and doubted) if anyone was even reading. Writing was just something I really enjoyed and had forgotten how much so.  Then something funny happened.  People would tell me they really liked something I wrote. They started suggesting I write more. People were reading and paying attention to what I wrote.

About a year ago, I wrote a few posts that were much more personal. They were about me. When I did this, people responded. They were the most viewed posts written up to that point.  I realized that I had more to offer than just making fun of ugly outfits and bad hair do’s. WhyDid has grown into something more than I ever could have imagined and I am so thankful to have people reading what I write and actively participating in what I do. Whether you are a loyal fan, friend, stumbled upon the site after Googling cameltoe, or just someone who hates WhyDid and reads it to poke fun, I want to thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

That said, I asked you guys to send in photos of your in your favorite outfits. I received some awesome photos, but have narrowed it down to the top five (with a special bonus entry). Now, it’s up to you to vote on your very favorite! The winner will be announced next week.

1. Paulette from New Zealand

2. Lauren from Santa Monica, California

3. Katie from Orlando, Florida

4. Elizabeth (and dapper gentleman friend) from New York, New York

5. Sonja from Los Angeles, California

And a little something extra for you, ladies….

6. Andrew from Toronto, Canada