Why Did You Wear That: You Can Ring My Biel

By |October 12th, 2012|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

jessica biel fendiLet’s go ahead and start off by saying it takes a whole heck of a lot to make Jessica Biel look bad.  That face, that hair, that body.  She’s working with all the right equipment, so when I saw this picture of her traipsing all over Paris in this over the top get up, I had to hold an intervention.  Girl, why so much?  At first I just assumed this had to be a costume for some upcoming movie role about an 80’s hair band or something, but lo and behold, she was just shopping at Fendi.  Yikes.  To be fair, I’d actually like each of the pieces if worn individually, but the combination of the jacket, top, pants, and boots is just too much.  I like studs as much as the next gal, but this just seems to be a bit overkill.  Thoughts?



Why Did You Wear That: Sucker Punched

By |March 25th, 2011|Celebrity Style|

I understand that fashion draws inspiration from everything around it, but when I saw the outfit donned by Jena Malone for the Suckerpunch premiere, I felt that this “inspiration” was more like “imitation.”  Please see below:

A). This proves I paid attention in art history,but more importantly it proves my point.  Jena Malone wants you to suckerpunch her clam… wait. No.  Jena wants to jam out with her clam out.  Ugh.  Jena’s a pearl… ?  What was my point?

Thoughts on Jena’s Botticelli-esque attire?



Photos via Huffington Post, Here

Would You Wednesday: Are We Doing This, Ladies?

By |March 4th, 2011|Celebrity Style, Why Did or Why Don't?|

Okay, so I pride myself on being pretty good at spotting trends–and folks, I think I’ve found one.  Seems to me like the return of the belly shirt is happening once again.

Camilla Belle showed up to the premiere of From Prada To Nada with her belly bare in Jason Wu and I figured it was just a one off.  However, not one, but two mega watt music divas have shown off their taught tummies this week in belly baring tops.  Rihanna sported one in Sydney and Jennifer Lopez exposed herself in LA (homegirl looks fan-freaking-tastic for 41, no?).

So this is my question: Are we doing this?  Will we go ahead and hop on this trend train?  I’m cool with it.  I like crop tops and I mean, my stomach is probably one of my favorite body parts, but just give me heads up so I lay off the Sour Patch Kids and up the crunches.

All aboard!



images via JustJared

Why Did You Wear That: Keep Bleeding

By |February 11th, 2011|Celebrity Style|

No, you’re not still drunk from last night’s happy hour and seeing triple.  This is really Leona Lewis wearing basically the same outfit three times in one week.  Listen, I’m a big fan of “Love it? Buy it in every color!” but this is taking it a bit too far.

When I checked into who was designing these Disney’esque looking creations for Leona I was surprised that Leona, herself, had made them.  Seems to me like Ms. Lewis should put down here needle and thread and just continue singing.  When will musicians and actors simply stick to doing what they are good at instead of bombarding us with shoes, perfumes, and nail polish? Didn’t you get enough of my money from ticket sales?



Why Did You Wear That: Minaj A Trois

By |January 21st, 2011|Celebrity Style|

Looks like someone is gunning for Rihanna’s spot on WhyDid’s Most Wanted list.  I couldn’t pick just one fugly outfit courtesy of Miss Nicki Minaj because there were far too many to choose from. So here’s just a sampling of some of her most recent get ups.

I know.  She looks insane- and I mean that in the literal sense of the word.

I can’t lie… I actually quite like her as a human (if, in fact, she is one).  She’s incredibly charming in interviews and she seems reasonably intelligent.  I understand that she is a “spirited” young lady, but I just wish she would try and reel in her wardrobe choices.

In photo number one, I think she may be channeling a piece of chewing gum left to die on the underside of a schooldesk, but I could be wrong.  I also have a really, really difficult time with haircolor that could not possibly occur in nature.  Like, you’re not fooling anyone, Nickster.  The jig is up.  By the looks of things, Miss Minaj may have stock in spandex… Perhaps she is smarter than I thought.