Looks like someone is gunning for Rihanna’s spot on WhyDid’s Most Wanted list.  I couldn’t pick just one fugly outfit courtesy of Miss Nicki Minaj because there were far too many to choose from. So here’s just a sampling of some of her most recent get ups.

I know.  She looks insane- and I mean that in the literal sense of the word.

I can’t lie… I actually quite like her as a human (if, in fact, she is one).  She’s incredibly charming in interviews and she seems reasonably intelligent.  I understand that she is a “spirited” young lady, but I just wish she would try and reel in her wardrobe choices.

In photo number one, I think she may be channeling a piece of chewing gum left to die on the underside of a schooldesk, but I could be wrong.  I also have a really, really difficult time with haircolor that could not possibly occur in nature.  Like, you’re not fooling anyone, Nickster.  The jig is up.  By the looks of things, Miss Minaj may have stock in spandex… Perhaps she is smarter than I thought.