Okay, so I pride myself on being pretty good at spotting trends–and folks, I think I’ve found one.  Seems to me like the return of the belly shirt is happening once again.

Camilla Belle showed up to the premiere of From Prada To Nada with her belly bare in Jason Wu and I figured it was just a one off.  However, not one, but two mega watt music divas have shown off their taught tummies this week in belly baring tops.  Rihanna sported one in Sydney and Jennifer Lopez exposed herself in LA (homegirl looks fan-freaking-tastic for 41, no?).

So this is my question: Are we doing this?  Will we go ahead and hop on this trend train?  I’m cool with it.  I like crop tops and I mean, my stomach is probably one of my favorite body parts, but just give me heads up so I lay off the Sour Patch Kids and up the crunches.

All aboard!



images via JustJared