I didn’t know if this day would ever come, but alas, it has. Crop tops are back with a vengeance. I was just recently making fun of a photo circa 2005 of me and two of my best gf’s wearing crop tops at Cain (above). Who knew five years later, I’d be cropping it up yet again… sans Cain.

I started seeing it here and there, but didn’t want to get too hopeful. I pride myself on having some fab abs, and good lord did I love a crop top back in the day. Well, guess what? It’s my lucky freaking day. Crop tops are everywhere and here are a few you can get your paws on right now:

0414745364561R__ASTL_300x400LNA Cropped Back Tall Tank, $62

71441242-01Forever21 Love USA Cropped Tank, $14.90

pROXY1-6665347t382x444Roxy Bash Sweater, $49.50

rsabb38bn_06American Apparel See Thru Loose Crop Tank, $19

78536Rebel Yell Cropped Malibu Tee, $58

image1xlAsos No. 8 Floral Crop Tee, $27.05

How I wore mine (sorry, I suck at taking self portraits… guess I’m not cut out for Guys with iPhones):

IMG00084-20100503-1311American Apparel Loose Crop Tee, $17

**Warning: As I must always note, not every trend is for EVERYone. If you’ve got killer legs but a little bit of a spare tire around the belly, why not stick with shorts and leave the crop tops to the toned tummies?