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Setting the Mood: I’m Missing You Like Candy

Why, yes.  I did quote a Mandy Moore song for the title of this post.  And if you were born after 1990, please refer to the video at the end of this post and thank […]

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Why Did You Wear That: Escape from New York City

Ah, summer in the city.  It wasn’t until just this past week that we were reminded exactly what it might feel like to wade through a crock pot of steamy, stewing, week old garbage.  This […]

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Guest Post: Here Comes the Sun with Dr. Sejal Shah

Sure, we’re nearly two thirds of the way through summer, but there’s still plenty of sun to be shone and Vitamin D to be consumed.  We all know (or at least should) that overexposure to […]

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It’s Been a Long Time… We Shouldn’t Have Left You

Seven years ago, I was working in a cubicle in a buying office on Fifth Avenue. I had what most starry eyed college graduates would consider the “dream job.” In most minds I spent my […]

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How To Tuesday: I’m Back and I’m Bringing Friends

Over the past six years, I’ve made thirty four different “How To” videos ranging from how to find your perfect shade of red lipstick to making dog “pupcakes” to every type of braid under the […]

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Setting the Mood: Party of One

People have asked me how the New Year has been treating me, but when they do, I tell them that my new year has yet to begin.  Because my birthday falls in the first month […]