• smitty in the city dog gifts

Gift Guide: Pet Project


We all know the head of my  household is a man with white hair, big brown eyes, and stands about two feet tall.  Sure, I’ve been known to date short guys and older men aren’t […]

  • wheeling west virginia

Gift Guide: Guest of a Guest

Unless you’ve been a complete and utter asshole all year, more likely than not, you are going to be invited to at least one holiday party if not many.  As most of us know, it’s […]

  • gift guide unique wellness gifts

Gift Guide: Hunting for a Unicorn

You may not have an actual unicorn, but you probably have a friend or loved one who is a two legged version of one.  This poses the question: What would a unicorn want for Christmas?  […]

  • airplane wing

Gift Guide: Jet, Set, Go

Having just flown five hours from Hawaii to California and planning to fly another five hours back to New York later this week, the importance of having all the right tools to stay comfortable while […]

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Setting the Mood: Tis the Season

While some establishments wheeled out the holiday decorations well before the shelves had been stripped bare of sexy nurse costumes, I prefer to wait til a bit after the Thanksgiving bloat to start making my […]

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Sponsored Post: Simply Stylist x Dove Dry Spray

It’s true, I do have the luxury of sleeping in later than most nine to fivers, but on those days where things are jam packed and hitting the snooze button isn’t even an option, I […]