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How To Tuesday: I’m Back and I’m Bringing Friends


Over the past six years, I’ve made thirty four different “How To” videos ranging from how to find your perfect shade of red lipstick to making dog “pupcakes” to every type of braid under the […]

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Setting the Mood: Party of One

People have asked me how the New Year has been treating me, but when they do, I tell them that my new year has yet to begin.  Because my birthday falls in the first month […]

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Why Did You Wear That: Vive La Poncho

As someone who is currently wondering, who the f#*& snuck into my apartment while I was out and shrunk all of my pants in the commercial driers downstairs, I completely understand the post holiday bloat.  […]

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Setting the Mood: New Year, Same Tricks

I like New Year’s Eve.  I always have.  Despite the unnecessary pressure to come up with somewhere fantastic to toast the new year so as to post on all social media channels by 12:01 and […]

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Friday Frocks: In the Red

New York may be called the Big Apple, but when it comes to that shiny red skin, we’d prefer it be rotten.  New Yorkers tend to favor the LBD over the LRD because wearing color […]

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Gift Guide: Whatta Man

The jig is up.  That is not a picture of my boyfriend.  I am single this holiday season, which is great for my bank account, not awesome for my electric bill.  There’s a reason […]