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WhyDid’s Week, March 12

The ups

The downs

The smiles

The frowns

I walk through life with a smile

No one knowing what’s underneath

I keep the facade calm


You see my photos

You think you understand

Put me in a box

All as planned.

Then a crack

A false move

No […]

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WhyDid’s Words: The Great Escape

We walked through the empty restaurant up front and ascended the stairs trepidatiously to the party of a mutual friend.  The party had a 70’s disco theme, but we’d both opted to wear whatever the hell […]

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WhyDid’s Week, March 5

Writing is like an exorcism for all the voices in my head.

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WhyDid’s Words: Imaginary Ghosts

I put down my last bag in the middle of the wooden planked floor.  I still didn’t know where all the light switches were, so the moonlight provided some assistance in seeing.  I took a […]

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WhyDid’s Week, February

 Looking back, I never should have looked back.

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What in the Actual F*ck: What’s Your Number?

“See, there it is again.”


“The three’s!”

He laughed and grabbed me by the waist.  “I think it’s all in your head.  You just notice it now because you’re thinking about it.”

“You think?  You think it’s like […]