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WhyDid’s Week, March 26

The further I get
The stranger it seems
I once was unable
To escape you in my dreams.
The more time that passes,
The longer I go
How strange it seems
You’re someone I know.

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WhyDid Words: Fear and Loathing…

“Did you know it is New York state law that you can’t buy alcohol before 8am?”

“It makes me sad that we are even trying to buy wine before noon.”

Kate laughs.  Her long white blonde hair […]

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WhyDid’s Week, March 19

For something to change, something has to change.

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Where Are You?: Can You Kidnap the Willing?

I dozed in and out of sleep late one Saturday afternoon.  A glass of Malbec half drunk on top of a stack of books on my mirrored night stand.  I toyed with the idea of […]

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WhyDid’s Week, March 12

The ups

The downs

The smiles

The frowns

I walk through life with a smile

No one knowing what’s underneath

I keep the facade calm


You see my photos

You think you understand

Put me in a box

All as planned.

Then a crack

A false move

No […]

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WhyDid’s Words: The Great Escape

We walked through the empty restaurant up front and ascended the stairs trepidatiously to the party of a mutual friend.  The party had a 70’s disco theme, but we’d both opted to wear whatever the hell […]