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WhyDid’s Words: Love’s Cliché

“When can I see you?”

“Soon,” I said, “but not Tuesday.”
“Why not Tuesday?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Do you have plans?”

“No, that’s the whole point.”

He laughed, brushed the hair back from my face, kissed my cheek. “Okay, bella. Not […]

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WhyDid’s Words: Little Deaths

Personal Journal Entry, 5/14/16

The flowers on my dresser facing my bed, my morning view, were dead this morning.  what a sad, sad, true life analogy.

Two days ago, you were here with me and there was […]

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WhyDid’s Week, February 12

Lost phones
Broken hearts
False promises
New starts
Love promised
Heartbreak delivered
Soft gazes
Bodies shivered
I loved you
You disappeared
Held my ground
Mascara smeared

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Where Are You?: All I Need Is You

All I need is you and some sunsets…
If you asked my favorite color, I couldn’t tell you.  Just like I couldn’t tell you the name of my favorite book, my favorite movie, or the best […]

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What in the Actual F*ck: A Rose by Any Other Name

“Sorry, I was just arranging some flowers.”
She laughs, “You were what?”

“Arranging flowers.  I get fresh ones every week.  The last ones just died.”

“You’re a trip.  What did you get?”

“Some roses.  There’s a deli on 6th […]

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Setting the Mood: Make me Blush

I looked up and was startled to realize the gaze I’d felt on me was, in fact, real.  Mostly, I just feel a little self conscious without any reason.  Just another face in a sea of […]