Why Did You Eat That: Pure Bliss

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Yes, birthdays should last longer than just a day. I mean we’ve spent the last 364 building up to just one day?  Why not go ahead and spread one’s birthday out over a few days… a week perhaps?  Well, thanks to some super spoiling, that’s exactly what I did.  After spending the day getting royally pampered at bliss, I was whisked off to an “overnight adventure”- location TBA.

It was a beautiful night and we drove with the windows down until we reached Malibu where we turned into the Malibu Beach Inn.  Sheer bliss ensued (for the second time that day).

After checking in and settling in our cozy but well appointed room, we cranked up the fireplace and spent some time out on the balcony which overlooks the ocean.  I couldn’t believe that it was the middle of January, yet here I was at the beach.  I mean, I know I haven’t been 100% sold on Los Angeles just yet, but this weather certainly does make a strong argument.

Dinner was just downstairs at the hotel’s restaurant, Carbon Beach Club.  There is both indoor and outdoor seating, though I can’t really imagine who would want to sit inside when you could be dining almost literally on top of the ocean.  Call me crazy. Anyway, while the heaters and fire pit kept us warm, we began to order the spicy tuna tartar and caprese salad.  Both were very fresh and delicious. The spicy tuna tartar is a really different and original take on your run of the mill tartar.  For dinner we had the three cheese ravioli (um, you had me at ravioli) and the NY steak.  Again, both were insanely delicious and I had to stop myself from shoveling every last morsel of the ravioli into my mouth.  Clearly, I needed to leave room for dessert: cheesecake with fig and a lemon tart.  We left incredibly stuffed and happy. So stuffed that I conveniently slipped into a food coma while listening to the crashing waves.

I also awoke to the sound of crashing waves.  And then it was time for brunch.  Back downstairs we went.  Brunch was also a delight.  Huevos rancheros and prosciutto sandwiches are the best way to start your Sunday.  Oh- a delicious bloody Mary never hurt anyone either.  I really would have stayed there forever, but alas… it was time to depart and return to reality.  Goodbye Malibu Beach Inn… goodbye birthday week.

I will leave my bags packed until next time:

(L to R): Fluxus Nomad Scarf, $48, Bear Creek Weekender, $498, Madewell Mae Open Drape Jacket, $88, C & C Triblend Slim Jogger Pant, $26, Ray-Ban Metal Aviator, $129



Why Did You Eat That: Dinner and a Movie

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Ah… the quintessential dinner and a movie date.  This is the oldest trick in the book… well, it’s not really a trick. Just pretty straight forward. Anyway, I was lucky enough to have not one, but two handsome gentlemen take me to dinner and a movie this past Saturday.  We dined at Soi 7 in downtown Los Angeles which is a pretty swanky Thai restaurant. I had only ordered take out from here, but was pleasantly surprised when we stopped to dine in. You can’t go wrong with the pad siew, chicken satay summer rolls, and panang chicken. They also have amazing Thai iced tea if you’re into that.

After dinner, we wanted to see a movie and took a group vote to see Black Swan (it was a toss up between that and Burlesque). I was a little skeptical of the Arclight in Hollywood on a Saturday night… apparently with good reason. While, we didn’t quite get to the theater on time to see Black Swan before it sold out, we did decide to stick around and watch Love and Other Drugs. (The next day we ventured out yet again to catch Black Swan so I spent more time at the movies in one weekend than I have in the past six months).

Love and Other Drugs was actually very good. I felt the tears coming in several different scenes. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal spend quite a bit of time on screen sans clothing. I’m willing to bet they saved a bundle on the wardrobe budget for this film. While on the other hand… Black Swan used over 250,000 Swarovski crystals on its costumes. I know people are talking “Oscar” for the film, but I hope it’s for the costume designers (Rodarte) because that’s about the only highlight of the film. Not even the lesbo makeout scene can save this one… I wouldn’t recommend the film, but I would sell my first born for that white gown Natalie wears to the opening gala.

Anyway, while waiting to enter the particular theater for our movie, we squeezed in some time for some serious people watching. Apparently, my commentary on the attire of movie goers was that of a news anchor during Monday Night Football. My companions remarked that this commentary needed to be “harnessed’ and next time they were going to mike me and film the scenery. The things that people wear to the movies is just totally baffling. I understand that quite a few of you are on dates, but your outfits… Let’s just break it down: you’re going to be sitting in a theater for at least 90 minutes- skin tight jeans are going to give you a yeast infection. That said, you should be wearing pants or some type of leg covering seeing as thousands (if not more) people have sat in that seat before you. So unless you are trying to encourage your date to cop a full frontal feel all while risking a case of crabs, I suggest covering up. Look casually cute by trying a look like the following:

Forever 21 Warm Knit Pom Hat, $6.80

Nation LTD Georgia Burnout Tunic, $98

T by Alexander Wang Knit Fitted Sweatpants, $113

YARNZ Feathers Cashmere Scarf, $169

Sam Edelman Vancouver Military Bootie, $199



Why Did You Eat That: Xino

By |November 23rd, 2010|Los Angeles, Why Did You Eat That?|

So, last week our friends invited us to join them for dinner at Xino located inside of Santa Monica Place. I had yet to check out the newest shopping center in Santa Monica (I know… lame) so, I was pretty excited. Now, let’s just go ahead and be clear that the dining in this “mall” is not that of the typical suburban shopping center. Santa Monica went all out with their fine dining.

Xino is located on the top floor of the shopping center along with several other restaurants. It has both an indoor section which is decorated with modern furniture and art as well as a large outdoor section. We were seated outside in our own personal “cabana.” It was a bit chilly, so the heat lamps were cranking and we all huddled for some body heat.

Honestly, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this place. The portions are served family style and it is Asian fusion… aka it was a poor man’s Philippe. Not a bad choice for mall food though. Order the lettuce wraps and steer clear of the shrimp.


395 Santa Monica Place

Suite 308

Santa Monica, CA 90401




Why Did You Eat That: Malibu Brunch

By |November 8th, 2010|Los Angeles, Why Did You Eat That?|

A couple of Sunday’s ago, I spent the day exactly how every Sunday should always be spent: with a Bloody Mary overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Le fiance wanted to take me somewhere to celebrate a month of engagement and Gladstone’s Malibu couldn’t have been a more perfect choice. The weather was perfect, so the drive to Malibu alone, was pleasant, but after valeting, our view only got better.

We were seated at a table outside overlooking the sand and the surf. There is an indoor section, though, I’m not sure why you’d bother… Our waitress asked if we were visiting, so I assume this must be a bit of a tourist stop, but I can’t imagine a local Angeleno not taking advantage of this beautiful locale. Anyway, we immediately ordered two Bloody Mary’s, clam chowder, and crab cakes. Each of which was more delicious than the next. They also brought us a monstrous hunk of fresh sourdough bread. Quite honestly, we didn’t really need to bother ordering anymore food, but like true gluttons, we ordered the fried fish sandwich (I’d pass) and the spiced crusted tuna (a must).

We certainly over ordered, but everything was delicious… and being stuffed is the perfect time for a sun nap on the beach…

Gladstone’s Malibu

17300 Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Palisades, CA 90265


Brunch is always a tricky time to get dressed. You want to look casual without looking hungover or sloppy. (Check out my old “brunch attire” tips). For a lovely Sunday by the beach, it’s all about layering:

3.1 Phillip Lim Asymmetrical Draped T Dress, $350

Chloe Wayfarer, $240.95

Splendid Lofty Cashmere Professor Cardigan, $278

Comme des Garcons Low Top Canvas Sneaker, $100



Why Did You Wear That: Some Ho’s in This House

By |October 18th, 2010|Los Angeles, Why Did You Eat That?|

One of the hottest spots in town is Soho House West Hollywood. A members only club, it boasts one of the most magnificent views of the city, but only for those with the coveted card. But alas, my friends, there’s nothing for you to worry about because on Friday night we decided to dine rather than simply drink at Soho House. To inform you that our food was anything more than horrific would be a farse.

I was a bit skeptical due to the fact that the food at Soho House NY is pretty much terrible, but still remained hopeful since Cecconi’s is owned by the same folks and the food there is nothing short of delightful.

The view and the decor of Soho House West Hollywood is absolutely beautiful. They really, really outdid themselves. So, if you are only going for the scenery, I would just go ahead and skip your meal (except for the mac and cheese- cause really who can screw that up?). My companion ordered the bone in ribeye and I had the chicken cacciatore. Um, both were uh… underwhelming. Don’t bother. Stick with the LA diet and just grab a cocktail. Besides, we all know that Soho House isn’t all about the food anyway.

What should you wear at the scene to be seen (and not eat)?

Boulee Skyler Dress, $306

Brogden Jude Jacket, $848

Belle by Sigerson Morrison Lace Up Wedge Ankle Boots, $350

Marni Suede Shoulder Bag, $1,205

Liquid dinner anyone?