Why Did You Eat That: That’s Amore.

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Established in 1964, Dan Tana’s is a true Los Angeles institution. Loved by locals and celebrities alike, on any given night you may bump into anyone from Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, or George Clooney… so you best bring your A-game.

DantanaThough it is considered a “steak house” this place reads old school Italian to me. There is nothing fancy shmancy or over the top here. The red vinyl booths and checkered table cloths give a cute and kitschy feel (though I doubt they put thought into it). You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. From spaghetti and meatballs to chicken parm, you will surely leave satisfied and stuffed.

Dan Tana’s

9071 Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood, CA 90069


So, what to wear? What to wear?? Well, when in Rome…

3243-99865Kimberly Taylor Chloe Top, $165

1066218_fpx.tifBCBG Snake Print Power Skirt, $88.80

prodImage.msDolce Vita Victoria Sandals, $115.99

rm_5_zip_clutch_black_front_745_generalRebecca Minkoff 5 Zip Morning After Clutch, $295



Why Did You Eat That: Steel Magnolia

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It may now be known as the infamous location of Lilo’s Tweet about failing her drug test, but Magnolia was worth stopping by well before LoLo got hammered. With the original location in the heart of Hollywood, it’s the perfect place to people watch in the evenings. Or for a more secluded moment, take a seat out on the back deck. I was excited to see a second location in DTLA for a much more chill atmosphere.


Upon arrival at Magnolia, you must order a Grape Collins (unless, of course, you’re wearing your SCRAM bracelet). It is a perfectly refreshing mixture of muddled grapes and deliciousness.


After a quick toast to good company, go ahead and be sure to order the tuna tartare. It’s something I’d like to call lifechanging. Piled atop a fresh avocado, the tuna is super fresh and seasoned just enough. If you’re not much for seafood, the macaroni and cheese is a surefire hit. The herb roasted organic chicken and the marinated skirt steak are both home runs in the entree department (although the the brussels sprouts steal the show in my opinion).


Oh… and as if you even have any room left… there’s the mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich to top things off.

Magnolia (Hollywood)

6266 1/2 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028


Magnolia (Downtown)

825 W. James M. Wood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90015


So what’s a girl to wear to dine at Magnolia? If you can’t beat em, join em:

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 9.51.54 PMWildfox Couture Witchcraft Tee, $78

O44LFL-26126 by Lindsay Lohan Lily Lace Stretch Legging, $66

house2009712447_p1_v1_m56577569832049884_254x500House of Harlow 1960 Leslie Square Toe Platform Booties, $275

Screen shot 2010-09-27 at 10.03.26 PMStella Mc Cartney Studded Eco Suede Shopper, $1695



Why Did You Eat That: South of the Border

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Last week one of my besties came from New York to visit me here in sunny Los Angeles. After launching into a diatribe about the amount of fedoras she had seen with in her first five minutes of being here, she then made a very poignant statement. She said, “Call me crazy, but I feel like everyone here tries really, really hard.” She couldn’t be more right. So, rather than take her to the typical sh*t show restaurants of Hollywood, we opted to take her somewhere a bit more low key.


Since my pal was in dire need of cocktail and craving Mexican,  El Compadre seemed like the obvious choice. Modeled after a traditional Mexican hacienda with dim lighting and live entertainment from some muchachos with guitars, it is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious food and great company… not to mention it is home to the famous “Flaming Margarita.”

l-1I really love this restaurant because it is zero glitz and glamour, but serves up totally authentic (and yummy) Mexican (though it will never replace Benny’s Burrito). There’s a reason that El Compadre has been around for thirty plus years and it probably has quite a bit to do with their enchiladas. Most plates are fairly large and could probably be shared between two people (but no one will judge you if you don’t).


El Compadre

7408 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90046


So what does a girl wear to a laid back dinner in while still looking chic (and leaving enough room for tacos)?

Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 2.42.17 PM

Free People Chiffon and Lace Slip, $68

Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 5.11.41 PMWe the Free Navajo Cardigan, $168

Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 5.37.31 PMGianni Bini “Gigi” Cross Body Bag, $59

LDS15213Frye Melissa Button Boot, $288

Hasta la vista, baby



Why Did You Eat That: Louie Louie

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Between work all week and apartment hunting on the weekends, I’ve been spending 89% of my time in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). A lot of people would probably frown upon my last statement seeing as downtown is still considered to be “up and coming.”  Granted DTLA certainly isn’t as tacky trendy as West Hollywood or as squeaky clean as Beverly Hills, but it’s the only place in Los Angeles that actually resembles a city. Yes, there are some creepy people roaming the streets over here (Um, I’m from New York, kiddos. Bums don’t scare me!) and they could certainly use another Starbucks or Coffee Bean, but there is something sexy about not choosing the obvious. Not to mention the loft spaces you can get here are unrivaled anywhere else in the city.

Anyway, a girl’s gotta eat, right? After a long day at the office, we decided to grab dinner (which may or may not have included cocktails) in the neighborhood. Several people suggested a little place called Bottega Louie. So, off we went.


Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised (and impressed). Bottega Louie functions as both a restaurant as well as cafe/bakery with some of the most exquisite pastries and desserts I’ve ever seen. The space is large and white. After checking in with the host at the table separating the bakery from the restaurant, we hung near the bar and took in the scene. The clientele was polished. I saw several suits (something I haven’t really seen since being in LA). I’m assuming these were the bankers who work downtown. The Fashion District and the Financial District in the same neighborhood. Finally a city that got it right!

As we were seated the host confirmed the last name, which at first I found peculiar until the waitress came by and addressed us by name. (It’s the little things). We were next to the pizza bar which smelled absolutely divine. Unfortunately, I’d already had pizza the day before, otherwise I would have eaten an entire pizza myself. I ordered the lasagna which turned out to be almost as good as mom’s (almost, mom, almost). My companion opted for the chicken carcioffi (chicken with artichoke hearts, capers, garlic, herbs and white wine sauce). I assume it must have been pretty good because he was done with it before I had the option of asking for a bite.


We were in a bit of a rush to get out of there, so we skipped dessert, but we did manage to snag some of the amazing and colorful French macaroons on our way out.  I would definitely like to go back and try their pizza along with a few hundred other things on the menu. It was almost like being back in New York.

Bottega Louie

700 S. Grand Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90017


Hey, for the food at Bottega Louie, I’d take the bums in downtown over the freaks in your hood any day!



Why Did You Eat That: When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

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Picture 2

One of the only things I hate as much as leggings worn as pants is moving and apartment hunting. Luckily for me, I spent the entire weekend searching for a new home for me and the pooch. It was a daunting task for sure and I would have much rather spent my time poolside (cocktail in hand. obv), but I suppose this is one of life’s necessary evils.

But alas, it was not a complete and utter loss. One amazing thing that came out of this weekend’s hunt was stumbling upon Cole’s French Dip. After receiving a history lesson from one of the building’s leasing agents, I headed over to check out this so called “originator of the French Dip.”  Apparently, Cole’s is Los Angeles’s oldest public houses (dating back to 1908). It was recently renovated to reflect its heritage including the original bar.

Picture 3

The menu is pretty straightforward as you can imagine. You obviously should go ahead and order the French dip. You can get beef, turkey, or pastrami and can add several different cheeses to jazz it up. This is all well and good, but you better save room for dessert. The chocolate pie is hands down the BEST thing I have ever put in my mouth. I would have eaten an entire pie MYSELF.


This is a definite must try if you are in downtown LA. I know this is short, but there are really only two things on the menu worth eating.

Happy dipping.