Yes, birthdays should last longer than just a day. I mean we’ve spent the last 364 building up to just one day?  Why not go ahead and spread one’s birthday out over a few days… a week perhaps?  Well, thanks to some super spoiling, that’s exactly what I did.  After spending the day getting royally pampered at bliss, I was whisked off to an “overnight adventure”- location TBA.

It was a beautiful night and we drove with the windows down until we reached Malibu where we turned into the Malibu Beach Inn.  Sheer bliss ensued (for the second time that day).

After checking in and settling in our cozy but well appointed room, we cranked up the fireplace and spent some time out on the balcony which overlooks the ocean.  I couldn’t believe that it was the middle of January, yet here I was at the beach.  I mean, I know I haven’t been 100% sold on Los Angeles just yet, but this weather certainly does make a strong argument.

Dinner was just downstairs at the hotel’s restaurant, Carbon Beach Club.  There is both indoor and outdoor seating, though I can’t really imagine who would want to sit inside when you could be dining almost literally on top of the ocean.  Call me crazy. Anyway, while the heaters and fire pit kept us warm, we began to order the spicy tuna tartar and caprese salad.  Both were very fresh and delicious. The spicy tuna tartar is a really different and original take on your run of the mill tartar.  For dinner we had the three cheese ravioli (um, you had me at ravioli) and the NY steak.  Again, both were insanely delicious and I had to stop myself from shoveling every last morsel of the ravioli into my mouth.  Clearly, I needed to leave room for dessert: cheesecake with fig and a lemon tart.  We left incredibly stuffed and happy. So stuffed that I conveniently slipped into a food coma while listening to the crashing waves.

I also awoke to the sound of crashing waves.  And then it was time for brunch.  Back downstairs we went.  Brunch was also a delight.  Huevos rancheros and prosciutto sandwiches are the best way to start your Sunday.  Oh- a delicious bloody Mary never hurt anyone either.  I really would have stayed there forever, but alas… it was time to depart and return to reality.  Goodbye Malibu Beach Inn… goodbye birthday week.

I will leave my bags packed until next time:

(L to R): Fluxus Nomad Scarf, $48, Bear Creek Weekender, $498, Madewell Mae Open Drape Jacket, $88, C & C Triblend Slim Jogger Pant, $26, Ray-Ban Metal Aviator, $129