It has been a long and very interesting year for me. So many things have happened I can’t even believe where I was this time last year.  It was difficult, but I went through all of my posts from the past year and chose ten of my favorites to revisit.

WhyDid’s Year in Review:

  1. My Hedgehog Ate My Homework… Always be sure to do your homework!
  2. A Word to the Wise – How not to wake up alone at 30.
  3. A Bag Full of Shit– Did you have to let it linger?
  4. … Just Right! Guess which porridge I chose?
  5. Shake Ya Tailfeather… “hairy is scary and no one is down with that brown.”
  6. Text in the City – Technology will ruin your love life.
  7. Cover Your Tracks. My obsession with white girl weaves.
  8. Love is a Choice – The way I figured out how to love.
  9. Kicking and Screaming – How temper tantrums will ruin your life.
  10. Heatrbreak, Party of One. How to get over a breakup in no time flat.

And one for good luck: Sometimes You Gotta Be Your Own Girl

Happy New Year. Be safe and I’ll see ya on the other side.