Setting the Mood: Under Covers

By |August 4th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

lingerie fashion editorial I may be appalled at the thought of wearing pearls and Tory Burch ballet flats give me the creeps, but no one who knows me intimately would argue that I’m anything but feminine.  I may have matured from favoring hot pink hues for home and wardrobe, but I will never tire of delicate lace, soft satin, and intricate details that make being a woman worth all of the cramps, bloating, skewed salaries, and cat calls.  When I spent several years in the high end world of lingerie, I acquired new found admiration for all that goes into underpinnings.  Perhaps there will only be a few special someones who are ever fortunate enough to see the contents of your knicker drawer (unless you use your delicates as decor), but the most feminine thing I think a woman can do is dress for herself.

la perla mimi holiday kiki de montparnasse lingerieAgent Provocateur Abbey Lace Trimmed Stretch Silk Satin Robe, La Perla Paisley Lace Appliqued Stretch Tulle Bodysuit, Mimi Holiday by Damaris Banoffee Pie Stretch Silk Satin Lingerie Set, Kiki de Montparnasse Muse Stretch Silk Contour Bra and High Waisted Satin and Lace Corset Briefs

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Gift Guide: First Time for Everything

By |February 14th, 2014|Gift Guide|

40-year-old-virginOne of the best parts about being in a relationship other than having someone to keep your feet warm is the level of intimacy that can be reached.  I’m not sure all guys understand that the longer you’re with a woman and the more she trusts you, the hotter things can (and will) get.  While I’m a firm believer that things should be steamy year round, even in the chilly winter months, it’s nice to have a day especially dedicated to pure romance.  So, have some fun with it and be thankful that you’ve got somebody to share your hopes, dreams, and dirty little secrets with.

sexy gifts

1. Vanessa Mooney Heavy Metal Chain Bra, 2. Vanessa Mooney Anarchy Double Cuff Bracelet, 3. Only Hearts Loulou Heart Bralette and Heart Hipster, 4. Rosamosario Bling Bling Love Playsuit, 5. Jennifer Meyer Je T’aime 18 Karat Gold Diamond Ring, 6. Jacquie Aiche F*ck Ring, 7. Kiki de Montparnasse Crochet Lace Bodysuit, 8. Hanky Panky Studded Heavy Metal Cuffs,  9. Hanky Panky Lelo Pleasure Set,  10. For Love & Lemons Papillon Butterfly Applique Bralette and slip, 11. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Lolita Underwire Bra and Briefs, 12. Fleur du Mal Leather Triangle Bra



Gift Guide: It’s Getting Hot in Here

By |February 6th, 2013|Gift Guide|

valentines day gift guide1. Diane von Furstenberg Lock Heart iPhone 5 Case, $40, 2.Diptyque Rose Duet Candle, $65, 3. Jennifer Meyer Gold Small Heart Stud Earrings, $350, 4. Eberjey Gisele Short PJ Top, $58, and Bottom, $40, 5. Jacquie Aiche Double Ring with Bezel, $132, 6. Mary Green Good Girl/Bad Girl Reversible Sleep Mask, $28, 7. Hanky Panky Cross Dyed Signature Lace Sleep Set, $90, 8. Oscar de la Renta Gladia Sandals, $895, 9. Honeydew Emma Elegance Lace Chemise, $46, 10. Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Candle, $29.90, 11. Cosabella Never Say Never 30 Pack of Thongs, $500, 12. La Perla Shanghai San Bra, $245, and Thong, $115, 13. Kiki de Montparnasse Bonds of Love Kit, $210

The only holiday that may be more difficult than Christmas to navigate regarding gift giving is Valentine’s Day.  I feel as if Valentine’s Day is almost like some type of booby trap that we, as women, created to find out just how our men feel about us.  For instance, last year, I didn’t get a dang thing from my then fiance.  Not so much as a card.  That’s basically how I knew it was over.   It’s kind of like when our boos ask, “What’s wrong?” and we reply with, “Nothing,” throwing down the gauntlet that he better figure out what’s wrong.  A Valentine’s Day gift is essentially the same thing.  You hand me a bunch of Gerber daisies or a faux velvet box of drugstore chocolates and I’m going to hand you the phone to call a cab.  And to throw an even bigger curveball to our man friends, there’s that whole level of sexual appropriateness.  Three weeks in and you gift me furry handcuffs? Eh.  A year and a half in and you present me with a coffee table book?  Double eh.  Basically, guys are screwed, so why not just do them a solid and leave this page open on their browsers?  Not like I’ve never done that at an Apple store.  And if you’re unattached (much like myself), get yourself something extra special to celebrate YOU or get together with gal pals and do a sexy gift exchange.  At least you know you’ll get something you like.

Is it hot in here?



Setting the Mood: Go Shorty…

By |January 15th, 2013|Setting the Mood|

birthday inspiration boardI love birthdays.  I love them the way most normal people love Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Not only do I love celebrating mine, but I also love celebrating those of others.  Perhaps it’s because it is one special day that is all yours (except that you share it with 19,178,082 on average…) or perhaps it is one great excuse to corral all of your nearest and dearest into one room to have a good time and catch up.  Who can say “no” to a birthday invite?

When I look back on birthdays past (minus last year), they are some of my most treasured moments.  Even though some of the people in the pictures have changed year after year and some have remained consistent, I smile when I think about those fun filled days and nights and am so thankful to have another day on this planet.  Plus, I really like cake.  And presents.  Speaking of which, have you picked out mine yet?  Three day shipping should get it here by Friday, FYI.  (Let me know if you need my shipping address).

Ippolita Disc 18 karat Gold Diamond Drop Earrings, $5,000Jimmy Choo Rob Pruitt Cayla Embellished Patent Leather Clutch, $1,350Sophia Webster Lana Embellished PVC and Suede Sandals, $535Kiki De Montparnasse Chantilly Lace Bra, $350 and Chantilly Lace Thong, $225

So, what does every girl need to make her feel special on her birthday other than friends and cake?  In my expert opinion, once you’ve secured your birthday frock, a little bling, some killer shoes, shiny clutch, and perfect underpinnings are precisely what you need to get the party started and keep it going.

And a pony wouldn’t hurt.



Setting the Mood: Who Do You Love?

By |February 14th, 2012|Gift Guide, Setting the Mood|

love mood boardHappy Valentine’s Day, beauties.  A consumer driven Hallmark holiday to some, just another reason to celebrate and indulge in all things love to others (like me).  Give me a “holiday” involving chocolate, loads of affection, pretty lingerie and possibly something shiny and I’m in.  How can one day encompass so many things that I adore?  Who cares if cupid is a crock of… ?  I’m celebrating.

In case you missed the G, PG-13, and R rated renditions, there’s still time to drop some hints or some dollars on something sweet and special.  Never forget that the best gifts are those that are thoughtful.  Whether you tuck a handwritten love note behind the pillow or make a favorite meal (in lingerie and heels, of course), it’s the little things that count… but a pair of Louboutins never hurt.

last minute valentines gifts1.  Zoe Chicco Love Necklace, $425, 2. Yves Saint Laurent Large Leather Clutch, $595, 3. La Fee Verte French Lace Bodysuit, $210, 4. Tom Binns Dumont Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings, $250, 5. Kiki de Montparnasse Black Bondage Rope, $275, 6. NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Mascate, $25, 7. Graphic Image Goldtone Heart Diary, $39.95 , 8. Christian Louboutin Summerissima Criss Cross Sandals, $995