chemises and babydollsAlong with spritzing myself with a bit of perfume before bed, I also enjoy a good nightie.  No, I don’t mean a nightcap, although I do enjoy those too.  I am talking about a good ol’ fashion nightgown.  Maybe not the style that the Golden Girls don- but now that you mention it, I love those too- I’m just talking about a simple chemise in satin, silk, chiffon, or the softest cotton. Yes, it’s true.  I’m a lady.

Sure, in the 90’s we all did the whole “boxer shorts” or Soffe cheer shorts thing, but I never could get down with the women who ended up wearing giant flannels or nasty t-shirts and ratty old boxers.  Girlfriend, take a little pride in your night attire.  If your man wanted to go to bed with his pal, Larry, he would… and in that case, Larry would know better than to wear that stained USC shirt to bed with his boo.  I get the irony: this is all very hilarious coming from a lady who sleeps alone, but I stand firm.

Over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection of nighties and knickers.  So many that the ones that did not fit inside my closet (yes, there are more) are hanging “decoratively” on my closet door handles.  I know what you’re thinking… “How is this girl single?!”  No?  That wasn’t what you were thinking.  Hm… Anyway, it’s true, I don’t get invited to too many sleepovers anymore.  No more pillow fights or Truth or Dare for me, but I always am sure to be wearing my boudoir best ’cause you never know who you might meet in your dreams.

nightgowns1. Elle Macpherson Intimates Obsidian Phoenix Lace Trimmed Stretch Silk Satin Chemise, $175, 2. Eberjey Leonora Lace Trimmed Chemise, $97, 3. Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Stretch Silk Chemise, $250, 4. The Lake and Stars Royale Chemise, $122.50, 5. Julianne Aimee Chemise, $137.50, 6. Honeydew Intimates Emma Elegance Chemise, $45, 7. Only Hearts Sara’s Lace Chemise, $52.50, 8. Cosabella Peacock Babydoll, $193.50, 9. Hanky Panky Sheer Enchantment Babydoll, $98, 10. Chantelle Eternelle Chemise, $135

Sleep tight, or not.