Beauty Buzz: Best Kept Secret

By |May 3rd, 2012|Beauty Buzz|

kerastase cristallisteBack in March, I was fortunate enough to test out the new line from Kerastase called Cristalliste.  It’s been touted as the “best kept secret for long hair” and I’ve gotta say… they weren’t kidding.  That’s why I couldn’t possibly keep Cristalliste a secret for long.  While, I was open to sharing my latest haircare find, I do have some other secrets.  And don’t we all?

Kerastase Cristalliste is now available in salons and online but, I figured I’d give you pretty ladies a chance to divulge your best kept hair secrets for a chance to win some Cristalliste of your own.  But first, I will share my best kept hair secrets with you…  What kind of friend would I be otherwise?

Now that I’ve shown you mine, it’s time to show me yours.

The nitty gritty:  To enter, “like” Kerastase’s Facebook page and leave your best kept hair secret in the comments section of this blog post by Monday, May 14th 2012.  Please be sure to include your name and email address (so you can be notified).  Three winners will be chosen.  Sorry, contest is open to US residents only.

Time to show and tell!



The List Volume LXVIII

By |April 6th, 2012|The List|

katy perry leggings cameltoeIt’s no secret that I love checking the crazy things people Google to find WhyDid.  Sometimes they are just simple things like “what to wear to Soho House” or “what to wear to the airport.”  Other times, the topics are a bit more obscure like “hardest nipples in Hollywood” and I have to stop to ask, “You touch your mother with those fingers?”  This week was no different.  As per usual, cameltoe tops the list and you guys really, really love Katy Perry.  Well, I’m here to do what I do best and that is give the people what they want!!  Here’s ten of this week’s more Googled topics:

  1. Can I wear black to a garden wedding.  I mean, you can.  But do you really want to be that morbid girl wearing black at such a joyous event?  Try these for guidelines instead.
  2. White girl weave.  Not only have I worn one, I’ve expressed my great love for them.
  3. Gladstones MalibuLove, love, love this place.  And yes, yes I did go there when in LA a couple of months ago.  bloody mary gladstones
  4. Kirsten Smith Maxim.  As it turns out, I might have made an appearance.  If you can find it, congratulations.  You’ve got too much time on your hands.
  5. How to do a top knot.  I love a good top knot.  Here’s a step by step tutorial… but I think I’m going to have to make a video soon.top knot
  6. Celebrities wearing sneakers.  Everyone from Ann Hathaway to Alessandra Ambrosio was seen sporting stylish sneaks.
  7. Kerastase Cristalliste.  There has been so much interest in this line.  Stay tuned for a veeeery exciting contest…
  8. Girl wearing glasses.  I guess people really dig girls who wear glasses.  Just please don’t be one of those people who wears fake ones… girl wearing glasses
  9. Chalking hair.  Did a little tutorial on that.  I might add spraying hair with hairspray to set color as well. chalk hair
  10. Explanation why you stupid.  I got nothing.

The search continues.



Beauty Buzz: Crystal Light

By |March 1st, 2012|Beauty Buzz|

hair flipLike many girls, I’m pretty obsessed with my hair.  I would even rank it as one of my best features (and I have so many).  So, I spend a lot of time (and sometimes money) trying to take great care of my beloved hair.  Whether it be taking mass quantities of vitamins or test driving the latest deep conditioners, I’m always on the lookout for the split end savior.

When the king of haircare, Kerastase, was kind enough to send me the latest and greatest from their line, I couldn’t wait to hop in the shower and lather up.  Cristalliste is specifically formulated for ladies with long locks (like me) and the goal is to nourish hair while leaving it light and airy.  I swear, this stuff was created for me.  It addresses all of my follicle fears (and the packaging is PINK!).

kerastase crystallisteI’ve since used the products twice (I like to go on a couple of dates before making any judgements) and I have to say, I’m a convert.  Hair feels silky, but light as a feather.  Long hair tends to get heavy, but Crystalliste leaves hair super shiny and soft without being the slightest bit weighed down by heavy conditioners (silicone, paraben, and colorant free!).  Oh and did I mention it smells like heaven?

Because Cristalliste cleanses your roots and nourishes your lengths and ends, it is perfect for us ladies who are doing the ombre hair thing (whether intentional or not).  While getting my hair trimmed a month or so ago, my stylist said to me, “You need to put back in what you take out of your hair by styling and coloring.  Your standard drugstore suds just won’t do.”  Well, thank goodness for Kerastase.  Keep your eyes peeled this month when Cristalliste will be available at a salon near you.



Beauty Buzz: Hair Repair. 911!!

By |April 20th, 2009|Beauty Buzz|


You know I love taking vitamins and my vitamins are helpful in maintaining my long lustrous locks, but as of last week, my hair was looking mighty wonky.  I had split ends out the wazoo and my hair was feeling a bit more like straw than silk.  Emergency!!

One of my bff’s (she’s a bit of a beauty junkie and has perfect hair) told me about a new product from Paul Mitchell called Super Strong Liquid Treatment, but after searching the web and a few local hair salons, I came up empty handed.  What’s a girl to do?

I hit the local Duane Reade (which I now know is named Duane Reade because the first one ever is located on the intersection of Duane and Reade Streets in Tribeca). After looking at the $58 Kerastase conditioner, I grabbed a much cheaper version from Neutrogena at a whopping $7.98.  I figured I would probably get what I paid for… but was very pleasantly surprised.  After just one use, my ratty ends are now smooth as butta’, baby.  Phew! Crisis averted!